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December 05, 2006

Luxe laundering

Laundry_wallWhirlpool's Laundry Wall, a concept model out of the UK, is the latest in the quest to simplify our ever-increasing complicated lives.

The wall serves two functions – management and storage. Located above the washing machine are three bins -- whites, colors, and darks. When the washing is through clothes can be retrieved from the dryer bin below.

And it gets even better! Storage units lay next to the washing machine with refreshing steaming, de-creasing, and drying functions!

If the wall ever gets off the ground we can rest assure that the price tag will be hefty! But what's money compared to a de-creasing unit!

Thanks Gadget Candy

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You advertise something that doesn't exist, or at least isn't for sale. The Laundry Wall hasn't been seen since it was first advertised in January of 2007!

Posted by: D. Dean | Jan 4, 2009 7:33:11 AM

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