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January 31, 2007

Solid Wood Dining


California based Buus, of Scandinavian heritage, debuted its very contemporary Loft dining table. Solid planks of a plentiful, Indonesian hardwood called Meranti, are tongue and grooved together and set on a solid framed base. Available in 3 finishes, the yellowish finish with a slightly green hue (latte) looked best set off with the contrasting "espresso"-finished base. The table retails for about $1400.

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Vive La Vegas: Building B

Las Vegas World Market opened its 2nd building this week, further establishing itself as the furniture fair of the future. The future is certainly becoming sooner, much to the dismay of the High Point, N.C. furnishings council. An estimated 80,000 people jammed the two buildings and put the meager elevator banks to the test. Lines were long at shuttle stops and lobby and logisitics personnel were taking notes and making amends. (One poor woman was held "hostage" in our elevator and was listening to fellow ascenders talk about long shuttle lines, lack of signage and inadequate parking. Well trained, she yesed them and told them they were working on it.)

A young show is going to have hiccups -- in fact old shows do too -- the test in whether or not they care to adapt. So far the organizers seem willing to acknowledge mistakes and look for ways to improve. And what may be lacking in execution is certainly made up for in hospitality. This is Vegas so there is fanfare, theater and booze. It is one of the reasons that buyers and retailers like coming to this show: there is something to do all the time. And as a couple from Kitty Hawk, N.C. told me, they would rather come to Vegas than have to endure High Point.

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January 30, 2007

DWR Update

What's new at DWR? Lower shipping prices--finally!--a 15% off sale on upholstered seating (ends after tomorrow), and a whole lot of new lighting...

Flos Lighting's legacy extends back to the early 1960s with the seminal work of Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. Their work – including the Arco, Taraxacum, Toio and Gatto – helped create the visual language of modern lighting. To this day, Flos gathers the most prominent Italian and international designers in the field. You can now find an even wider assortment of Flos lighting at DWR, including more licensed, original work by the Castiglioni brothers, Marcel Wanders, Gino Sarfatti, Philippe Starck and Jasper Morrison.

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January 29, 2007

It's Devine!

Gretchen_1 We at Pure Contemporary have often turned to Gretchen Schauffler, founder of Devine Color, for expert color advice, reader questions, and even what to coat our own walls with.

Looking for inspired color ideas and a rich palette of 137 paints "that goes on like yogurt and looks like Chiffon?" Visit Devine Color's new site and color magazine!

And check out Gretchen's Design Expert Advice at Pure Contemporary.

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Bouquet of Lights Blooms in Mid-Winter

A fire of light without a flame, a lamp without a cord, flowers that wont wilt: the Havaleena Light Bouquet is the perfect party centerpiece.

The set of three LED lights retails for $149, vase optional, and runs for 20 hours on AA batteries.

The name seems strange at first, but it fits quite well. It comes from its elegant, lance-like form: “Havaleena” is an onomatopoeic translation of the Spanish word “Jabalina” or javelin. Like a javelin topped with a cylinder of light, the Havaleena’s sleek lines make it unique.

But while javelin use is usually frowned upon in dining rooms, the Havaleena works just about anywhere. The idea of portability is central to the product, as is the concept that a cordless light must also be functional. With its 1-Watt wide-angle LED, it provides a warm, glowing mood light perfect for intimate settings.

“We wanted to provide illumination that works at all levels: as light, as art, as a personal expression,” says Monica Berndt of Tayo Design Studio. “By making the Havaleena both functional and aesthetic, we feel we have created a product that delivers on all these fronts.”

Plus, you can make you're Havaleena a customized part of parties. Havaleena can be customized –even personalized—through its versatile light diffuser system. Made of clear acrylic, the top of the Havaleena can be adapted to any color by changing the vellum filter inside the tube. Users can also create their own messages: “Thank you!”, “You are the light of my life!”, “Marry me…” are but a few examples of phrases that can be printed onto paper and used as filters.

Buy online and check out the accessories like color filters and a sculptural stand at

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January 26, 2007

Modern Rocker-- Goodbye Plastic Horse

For modern families with modern homes, the Keith Haring Rocker lets kids play and keeps kitsch at bay. Available from Zac and Zoe for $170.


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Helmut Lübke's Final Design for Cor


The Cologne Furniture Fair felt the presence of German designer Helmut Lübke, who died this past October, with his LAVA seating experience. This unstructured silhouette is designed to accommodate -- not dictate -- how we unwind be it by flopping, slouching, cuddling -- or sitting up straight. Looking more like a giant playground than a living room suite, the mat and chaise pull aside so floor-squatters can lounge just a trifle above the floor, while perchers can laze up on high.

LAVA is just the latest modular sofa grouping in the 52-year history of Cor (Michael Bayer created a 5-piece modular unit for Cor in 1959 -- one of the first of its kind). Founded originally by Lübke's father in 1954, a young Helmut was handed the company to run at the ripe age of 18, and then turned Cor over to the 3rd generation, son Leo, in 1994.

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January 25, 2007

More Fun at FLOR

FLOR gets kitschy this season as it revs up its designs for spring and summer with outdoor rugs, mix and match circles and cut-out shapes with the crafty appeal of felt. Check it out.

Top: Green Acres, and yes, it only comes in green. Astroturf never looked so good--especially with my favorite classic outdoor dining set, Richard Schultz's 1966 Collection.

Middle 1: Cut It Out; available in Hummingbird (aka purple), Tabby Cat (orange) and Toucan (shown).

Middle 2: Seeing Spots, Do you think I could pull off this look by cutting out stained spots on my standard wool throw rugs? Might be cheaper than having them cleaned again...

Bottom: Square Dance; Shown arranged in a pinwheel design of positive/negative space, this rug can also be placed to show two large circles.

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When bad design happens

Not all ideas are good...

While naming the best and the brightest, Wallpaper fulfills the guilty pleasure of pointing out the design shortcomings of 2006.

Toaster_stainlessIt seems that designer Olivier Gregoire was trying to create a purposeful sculpture, but the end-product looks more like a toaster surrounded by shellacked tin foil.

Body_mouse Then there's the truly tasteless Body computer mouse by Sweden's Pat Says Now. The amputated torso is outfitted with clickable left and right breasts -- so glad restraint was shown when it came to a trackball.

The mouse is currently sold out.

Don't even know what to write about that.

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January 24, 2007

Nurseryworks Update

Here are the new designs from Truck Product Architecture for Nurseryworks, mentioned below. Top, the Goodnight Glider and Ottoman. Bottom, the Studio Crib looks great and packs in great function, perfect for small spaces and stylish ones.



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