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January 29, 2007

Bouquet of Lights Blooms in Mid-Winter

A fire of light without a flame, a lamp without a cord, flowers that wont wilt: the Havaleena Light Bouquet is the perfect party centerpiece.

The set of three LED lights retails for $149, vase optional, and runs for 20 hours on AA batteries.

The name seems strange at first, but it fits quite well. It comes from its elegant, lance-like form: “Havaleena” is an onomatopoeic translation of the Spanish word “Jabalina” or javelin. Like a javelin topped with a cylinder of light, the Havaleena’s sleek lines make it unique.

But while javelin use is usually frowned upon in dining rooms, the Havaleena works just about anywhere. The idea of portability is central to the product, as is the concept that a cordless light must also be functional. With its 1-Watt wide-angle LED, it provides a warm, glowing mood light perfect for intimate settings.

“We wanted to provide illumination that works at all levels: as light, as art, as a personal expression,” says Monica Berndt of Tayo Design Studio. “By making the Havaleena both functional and aesthetic, we feel we have created a product that delivers on all these fronts.”

Plus, you can make you're Havaleena a customized part of parties. Havaleena can be customized –even personalized—through its versatile light diffuser system. Made of clear acrylic, the top of the Havaleena can be adapted to any color by changing the vellum filter inside the tube. Users can also create their own messages: “Thank you!”, “You are the light of my life!”, “Marry me…” are but a few examples of phrases that can be printed onto paper and used as filters.

Buy online and check out the accessories like color filters and a sculptural stand at

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