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January 31, 2007

Vive La Vegas: Building B

Las Vegas World Market opened its 2nd building this week, further establishing itself as the furniture fair of the future. The future is certainly becoming sooner, much to the dismay of the High Point, N.C. furnishings council. An estimated 80,000 people jammed the two buildings and put the meager elevator banks to the test. Lines were long at shuttle stops and lobby and logisitics personnel were taking notes and making amends. (One poor woman was held "hostage" in our elevator and was listening to fellow ascenders talk about long shuttle lines, lack of signage and inadequate parking. Well trained, she yesed them and told them they were working on it.)

A young show is going to have hiccups -- in fact old shows do too -- the test in whether or not they care to adapt. So far the organizers seem willing to acknowledge mistakes and look for ways to improve. And what may be lacking in execution is certainly made up for in hospitality. This is Vegas so there is fanfare, theater and booze. It is one of the reasons that buyers and retailers like coming to this show: there is something to do all the time. And as a couple from Kitty Hawk, N.C. told me, they would rather come to Vegas than have to endure High Point.

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Yup -
We have shown in HP since 1999-and only since Vegas has they pretended to give a c*** about buyers or Exhibitors-but its too little too late-
We have shown twice now in vegas(albeit in a temp spot) but this show has legs!

Posted by: | Feb 7, 2007 3:05:36 PM

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