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February 22, 2007

Furniture as a Stage -- That kids don't want to outgrow


If you have been reading our site for a while you know we are completely enamored with children's furniture. Maybe it's the big kid in us, or maybe it is because kids furniture just seems so much fun. As adults we get locked into that "what will other people think" syndrome -- or least manufacturers seem to think we're locked in -- so you get tiny little movements in innovation. Kids furniture is another story. And the best designers are the parents who have played anthropologist and watch how their children interact with furniture; namely, jumping on, curling around, snuggled up and preening on. Materials need to be liquid proof, head-banging soft and colorful.


Check out these FUNc-tional pieces by Iglooplay's design team of Lisa Albin -- and her two little girls. Albin uses designer shades in Krypton suede or UltraSuede® for her upholstery so no one cries over spilt milk. The three-piece Tea Pod has a removable tray to be yet another stage in a child's (or big person's) world. Her products are all made in the US. The small and large Tea Pod retails for about $1310 without the tray and $170 - 220 wood tray depending on type of veneer (maple, walnut or bamboo).

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February 20, 2007

Your destiny awaits...

Mitaka At first glance it looks like you've fallen down the rabbit hole into a Lewis Carroll wonderland... but Arakawa and Madeline Gins' Reversible Destiny lofts (In Memory of Helen Keller) in Mitaka, Tokyo are challenging inhabitants to awaken their senses.

Based on the theory for which they are named, the lofts (constructed from large concrete blocks) were built to test homeowners with sloping, sunken , and textured floors, doors too small to walk through up-right, and hard-to-find electrical switches (requiring you to feel around). As if that wouldn't make everyday living difficult enough, the spaces are not equipped with any closet space -- so good luck when trying to find a storage area.Mitaka_lofts_2_1 Mitaka_lofts_inside

Tour the Reversible Destiny Lofts

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Custom Range Hood


Thumb_hood_1 GE capitalizes on the custom trend with its new range of hoods, GE Monogram.

The hood inserts provide the heart and brains of a custom hood and the homeowner decides what the outside will look like.  A patented installation process makes the insert ideally suited to a wide variety of custom hood applications. Unlike many other models, it attaches directly to the house ducting from within the unit, eliminating the need to adjust, remove or replace the custom canopy.


The on-board Monogram custom hood insert control panel can be removed from the hood insert at the time of installation and mounted to a wall, countertop or other location.

Monogram Custom Hood Inserts will be available in March 2007 at the following prices:

ZVC30LSS — 30" custom hood insert, estimated retail price range: $949–$1,149

ZVC36LSS — 36" custom hood insert, estimated retail price range: $1,049–$1,249

ZVC48LSS — 48" custom hood insert, estimated retail price range: $1,349–$1,549

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February 18, 2007

Move 'em and shape 'em

Kettal More outside designs from Kettal!

In addition to arm chairs, tables, sofas, and loungers, the Delta collection features low stools and tables easily moved and manipulated to create benches, footstools, and larger tables --- perfect for poolside parties or intimate dining.

Available in natural and brown finishes that can be combined with over 15 fabric colors.

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February 16, 2007

Marimekko Sofa


I can't get sick of Marimekko, no matter how much I search through its fabrics year after year. And this spring sprig pattern showing up on a minimal sofa from Anthropologie is just to good to be true, really.  The fabric is Teflon-coated to ward off stains. What will they think of next? $3,498.00.

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February 14, 2007

Designing & Accessorizing with Red!

It's Valentine's Day and all over the country florists and Fed-Ex trucks are slip sliding away trying to deliver that special something to that special someone. Chances are those packages will be wrapped or "bow-ed" in red. It was because of the holiday that we first decided to do a special feature on the color red, but then all this white stuff started falling, and we decided that whether your ventral tegmental is being tickeled or not, we all needed a burst of red on the scene.

So we put it to designers: Why do you like working with the color red -- and how does it imact a person's environment. Wow. What a loaded question. We'll be posting more of these responses as we receive them -- and would love to hear from you too -- show us just show much your ventral tegmental is impacted by the color red!

ELIZABETH MOORE Interior Designer & Owner of Froote and contestant on Bravo's Top Design,  tells us she loves talking color:

Red is scientifically a color that has a slower wave length, so therefore slows one down. This is why it is good in the dinning room and eating areas. Red in the guest bathroom is good as well -- as evidenced by this red tile floor.  (People need to take their time in these rooms...) Red_tile

The color is a root color on the spectrum of chakra colors, therefore it is established with the sensations and aspects of what essentially are the equivalent of your ROOTS; your past, the things we do as a matter of geneological make up passed on from your cultural roots. It is a very powerful and subconscious color. In Feng Shui, (not that I am an expert) it is a color that has strong power and needs to be used in certain room only as an accent. Too much red can get you in touch with your ghosts, so to speak....

Jj_shower_2_copy Every house needs red, even if only on the outside! as it keeps one grounded and is supposed to provide a portal to aspects of financial abundance ...

We'll be posting more designer responses -- so check back frequently!

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February 13, 2007

Ascot Studios

Aw2A new gallery in the UK makes art accessible in the countryside, and shuns the nose-in-the-air attitude many galleries court...

Ascot Studios is an industrial, contemporary art gallery set in the beautiful and historic village of Ribchester in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire.

Specializing in original art available for purchase for homes and businesses, Ascot shows the work of emerging artists in regularly changing exhibitions throughout the year.

There are eight resident artists with a wide range of work on steel, wood and canvas. Among them are the acclaimed artists Angela Wakefield, John Rotherham and Edward Foster. Commissioned artwork can be undertaken to suit any budget or timescale.

The gallery is within an Industrial North Light Building - an old textile mill. The original features of the mill have been incorporated into the space - such as the high ceilings & cast iron pillars, but it is the enormous amount of natural light that lends itself perfectly for the exhibition and production of large scale artwork.

Opening hours are Monday to Saturday, 11am to 5pm.
More information is available at ascotstudios. com or by calling 01254 878100.

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A Gift for your Krush


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February 12, 2007

The best Rivage

Rivage_lounge_1 Rivage_lounge_side_1 If you're not one for lounging poolside, Triconfort's Rivage line of outdoor furniture -- with it's long, sleek, and refined lines -- may inspire you to grab a cocktail and head for the patio.

Sitting on an aluminum frame, Rivage's chairs, loungers, dining and occassional tables can be customized with eight laquer and eight porotex shades.

Browse style and color options at Triconfort

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February 09, 2007

Green Love

I know we just met but I'm already hoping you'll move in. Your bed looks so relaxing, your dining table is so stable and inviting, your side tables just seem so wonderfully functional. Best of all though, I like your ideas. We both care about the environment, and your use of reclaimed wood to create something new and beautiful, well it's very impressive. What do you say? Will you come to my house?

Environment Furniture


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