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March 09, 2007

Bathing, au naturale

When is a bathroom more than a bathroom?

Continued from Pure Contemporary's latest home makeover: The great outdoors

Dscf6213 Torres' use of natural materials continues inside -- as does the mosaic flooring where it is met by travertine and marble flooring.  Lying against sliding windows surrounded by greenery and a rock wall is the master tub, complete with a second rainfall shower head.  Ideal for soaking, Torres retreats indoors for horizontal relaxation.

Dscf6223_1 The home's 2nd bath is reserved for the developer's children & guests.  Continuing the use of natural materials, the bathroom sink is surrounded by a poured concrete counter and mosaic tiled wall.  Dscf6138_1

Explore more poured concrete creations with expert Fu-Tung Cheng.

Around the corner is the impressive poured concrete tub (which fits five children with ease!).  Mosaic  tiles climb the walls,  meeting a  quarter of the way up with  natural cut stone.  Extending three stories up, the  walls meet at a 15 x 15 acrylic roof.  Water trickles down the wall, collecting in a basin just about the waterfall ---  the 'crying wall' has indeed become the room's focal point.

With baths like these, it's easy to see why Torres and his family spend six months out of the year relaxing in this Costa Rican paradise.

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