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March 26, 2007

Hiddur Mitzvah


For observant Jews, the Hebrew word mitzvah literally means commandment, but in the Jewish tradition, it has also come to mean blessing or good deed. Hiddur means to make beautiful. The concept, then, of hiddur mitzvah can be interpreted as beautifying those objects that are used in rituals. It is this concept that inspires product designer and silver artist Sharon Geller-Metal.

She has created an incredible line of Judaica products in sterling silver that are quite simply stunning. The "Wave" Sedar Plate is a striking centerpiece complete with six engraved cups so you can arrange your elements as you wish. The plate can be turned over to host matzoh. Her Kiddush Cup is an exquisite example of elevating a simple goblet into a functional piece of art.

"As both a trained industrial designer and an Orthodox Jewish woman, I have always striven for a synthesis of use and beauty in both Judaica and product design," she says. -- Diane

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