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March 28, 2007

Bamboo Isn't Just for Pandas ...

Bamboo_shootThat incredible shot is of a bamboo "shoot" --  a stalk that would have taken Jack halfway to the heavens -- or at least 80 feet. And even more impressive is the fact that bamboo can achieve this height in only one growing season, making it the fastest growing plant on the planet.

What goes up that fast would usually not be considered reliable. But amazingly, bamboo is a very hearty wood that falls about in the middle of the Janka Hardness Scale. And so while not as hard as a black walnut, is harder than a black cherry.

Joinery_processIf it is hard to imagine how those round shoots become wood furniture or even wood floors, check out these production pics by Maria Yee. The full slide show is here.

Maria Yee is a California-based furniture manufacturing company that has resurrected the art of wood joinery using Moso, a speciesTimber_crosscut of bamboo. The byproduct of her patent-pending joinery process is BambooTimbre® -- which is then crafted into furniture like this Metro Table.

In my research on bamboo, I also found out that the texture of bamboo is quite silky and that it feels warm to the touch in the winter months, and cool in the summer.

-- Diane

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A lot of Maria Yee product is available at High Fashion Home.

Posted by: Designsnob | Oct 16, 2007 2:37:44 AM

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