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April 06, 2007

Belgian Honeycomb Furniture

Creation_9_1 A reader, Béné, whom we assume is from either Belgium or the Netherlands (those IP address lookups are great), was quite concerned that when we wrote about honeycombed furniture we were overlooking Belgian designer Charles Kaisin. Kaisin, working with the Beligan design group and manufacturing facilitator Vange, introduced K-Bench in 2004.

K-Bench is another example of expandable seating this time out of honeycombed polypropylene. The nearly 100" bench (250cm) starts out as very sleek 25" (64cm). It can be zigged and zagged and added to other K-benches with clips to accommodate small armies if necessary. (You could actually set these on end as well -- and create a circular bench.)

Since it is out of polypropylene, it theoretically should be fine for outdoors. I say theoretically because while plastic is certainly durable for weather, I just can't fathom how honeycomb can be practical. Think dust, pollen and bird droppings in the nooks and crannies and I think you catch my drift. Certainly a high pressure hose would have to be close-by.

Vange lists retailers in the US and Canada on its site, although you can order from Kaisin directly from his site. The price in Euros is about US$1400.

-- Diane

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