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April 06, 2007

SPRING has Sprung


Spring, the one of a kind artwork by Steve Godzisz, will be springing down to Oklahoma City to the home of winner Michael  Summers.  Summers caught the attention of our jaded judges with his honest, thoughtful window shopping and his willingness to embrace a new look (it has nothing to do with appealing pairing of Spring and Summers). 

We give him credit for taking the plunge into the deep untested waters of modern design, and for evidence the great taste that will make this move a success.

Congratulations Michael!  We love the bench, we love the new direction design is taking in your life, and we love the thought that Spring will be gracing your freshly painted walls. Enjoy!

Here's Mike's winning entry:

400_2 After parting ways with a companion of 10 years who ran the show relating to decor, I found myself beset with the challenge of outfitting my home on my own. Not such a task for the able, but a monumental chore for the color blind, fashion challenged among us.

Much research lead to startling discovery that I loved contemporary furnishings, so after being swaddled in mauves, doilies and lace, I am at home and in total awe of the Paxa from Hightower Group. I can imagine the view of my inner urban landscape being directed by the straight lines and the strong elemental statement of the Paxa.

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