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May 29, 2007

Modern Backyard Bed


Ahh, here I am enjoying my most recent vacation with a few friends and a gorgeous Gandia Blasco Day Bed. Note the minimal construction, expansive outdoor ready mattress and UV blocking canopy. You may not have a coterie of men to carry you from place to place like I do, but don't count out the usefulness of those long handles yet. They'll also serve to keep this perch balanced on rocky ground. Make sure you take into account the amount of space the handles take up though if you're thinking of buying, and if your space is too small, try the handle-less elevated version.

All shopping and showroom info is available at the Gandia Blasco site and they have a pdf of all their products. Download it. It's the fastest, easiest way to see their designs without waiting for their too high-tech, flash site.

Oh, and yes,despite what you may be thinking, it is reasonable to have a bed al fresco. Just check out the latest trends in modern outdoor living: Rooms to Grow.

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