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May 24, 2007

Murano Glass Saarinen Table


Design icons can be tricky sometimes––if they're seen too much, they stop being interesting, and we take them for granted. I think that's happened to some extent with the Saarinen Tulip table. We see it in a room and think,"Oh, they used Saarinen's table," but we no longer stop to admire the graceful simplicity of the piece. Find a twist on a much loved icon though and you really have something. That's why I was SO excited to find these 1970's Saarinen tables with Murano Glass tops. They're small, just 15" with a 23" diameter top, but the impact is huge. Eyes are drawn to the glass and then we appreciate the form all over again. These rare beauties sell for $1,675 each at Flessa in New York City. -Caroline

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