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May 23, 2007

Take a Seat

The curved lines and lacquer finish of the Hippie Dining Chair from CB2  elevate a  simple style. It has a certain classic look, but can't compare to the utterly gorgeous Wegner Elbow Chair to which the CB2 sales copy refers. We can't blame them for trying and we see the resemblance as an "inspired by" type of situation. Still this is a great piece for its ability to fit in with a lot of styles and rooms. A good pick for a small space where furniture gets moved around to accommodate dining, working or just sitting down to put on shoes. At $149 it's a far cry from the roughly $700 Wegner version its form is loosely drawn from. Wegner's is a work of art, but it doesn't come in red.
Hippiediningchairred3qs7 504_photo_1_062033

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Modern Contract Wallcoverings

As the popularity of wallcoverings continues to surge, new looks abound for the contracts market.  The plain, ugly and boring business looks of yesteryear are being replaced by fresh vibes more in line with trends for the home. Check out these debut designs from Vycon. Contract designers can breathe a sigh of relief, finally something attractive and current...(click to enlarge)

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May 22, 2007

Du Verre Pulls & Knobs

A reader wrote to ask how to warm up her "Builder Special" bathroom: Cavernous, white cabinets, white tiles and white walls. Warm up indeed. That would be like being in a blizzard. So if ripping everything out is not quite in the budget? The answers are art & accessories.

First, think of the pulls -- and right now I am in love with Gina Lubin's Rio collection for Du Verre. The Toronto-based company has evolved glass and even furniture design to now solely hardware. These sand cast knobs are all sculpted by hand to make an original pattern. The pattern is then sand-cast in small batches in brass or aluminum. Each piece is brushed, cleaned and polished by hand.

Take off the builder special light fixtures -- and find sconces that follow the Art deco lines of your pulls.


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May 21, 2007

Built NY Modern Ice Buckets


With  names inspired by objects in the coldest reaches of our solar system, these  new ice buckets coldly go where no one has gone before. Available in two  options, large and extra large, the bucket material is high-density foam that makes a great insulator. The larger size can fit large champagne bottles, and  both come with steel tongs that fit into the lid and serve as a handle during  storage. A modern twist on a classic wedding gift idea!

Sedna™  3 QT  will retail for about $49.99 and the Oort  ™ 5 QT will be $69.99

Anticipated  retail availability:
Sedna:  late June
Oort:  early September

Shop Built NY.

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La Murrina at ICFF

An update on the International Contemporary Furniture Fair. This is avant-garde lighting leader La Murrina's Booth...

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Baby You've Grown: a Modern Bassinet


PC editors were rocked by the prototype version of Offi's Ovum Bassinet last year when it first appeared at ICFF. And this year designer Heidi Newell's modern baby bassinet debuted with a clearer form and easier functionality.

"We wanted to communicate the care, joy and welcome that modern parents have for their newborns through the Ovum," says Newell.

The Offi Ovum Bassinet is inspired by Shaker furniture tradition, modern design, and the needs of a new born baby and its parents. The top comes off to pick baby up without waking him, and just turn the bottom on its side to go from a gentle rocker to a  sturdy base. A baby never ceases to be the focus of the design, while parents are offered options for portability. The basket allows visibility of the baby from any angle in the room, fulfilling a need for parent's verification that a baby is sleeping well while they work about the house. Plus, check out the size of this thing. The stained birch is sturdy, light, small and easy to move anywhere.

We're ready to call the little Ovum a big winner and future icon for Offi. Congrats on a great concept and beautifully executed design. - Caroline

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May 18, 2007

City Center Moves Closer to Home


Have you seen the commercial where a couple walks into a renowned architecture firm, holds up a Kohler faucet and asks the architect to design a home around it? It's good in a far fetched sort of way, but the concept became a lot more believable recently when Delta Faucet debuted its City Center collection at the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, K/BIS.

In this real life version of the Kohler commercial, the renowned architect is none other than Cesar Pelli, the building is Vegas's multi-billion dollar City Center Resort & Casino and this time, the faucets are Delta's.  Taking the lines and look of Pelli's design, Delta created a collection that works well with the modern structure but is available for homes with less than Pelli pedigree too.


Use the weblinks above to visit the company websites, but for competitive pricing on their products, try these:

Delta faucets and fittings
Kohler faucets and fittings

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May 17, 2007

Straight Line Sink

Metropolitan_memento_1 Memento from Villeroy & Boch features straight contours for a very modern  look. Available in white or black.

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Sereno Kitchen


This is the new Sereno kitchen from Berkeley Mills. It's beautiful minimalist design works in maximum function and storage with silent, no slam, close by themselves drawers (with more drawers inside).  Notice the integrated handles and gorgeous wood - it's all sustainably harvested. The shining countertops are green too- they're made from recycled glass.

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May 16, 2007

Search for Modern

Focus on Modern? Contact Pure Contemporary!!

When we started Pure Contemporary a little over two years ago, the goal was to be the leading resource for people searching for contemporary and modern design and architecture. That goal became even more imminent with our announcement today to have Convera Corporation create a vertical search engine that indexes all sites around the world that focus on contemporary and modern.

There is no charge to be indexed -- but sites will have to show that they meets the needs of our readers. If you are a manufacturer, designer, retailer, architect or media site (including you bloggers!!) that offers news, products or services that focus on contemporary or modern design, please send an email to us. We will contact you and give you directions on how to submit.

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