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June 25, 2007

Modern Bedding for Fall & Winter


Hotel Collection's fall bedding line hits stores this summer with subtle colors, mixed materials and touchable textures. The bold geometric pattern and neutral hues of Torus gives this layered bedding look a masculine edge.  And the combination of wool, linen and silk fabrics in the Wool Trio collection lends laid back elegance to a room. Both collections will be available at Macy's this August with Torus retailing for $270-$340 and Wool Trio for $400.

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June 23, 2007

Hybrid grill

Kalamazoo_bread_breaker Grilling maverick, Kalamazoo Outdoor Gourmet, has created the Bread Breaker Dual-Fuel hybrid grill -- making cooking with hardwood, charcoal or gas is as easy as rotating the grill's removable drawer system.

-- allison

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June 22, 2007

Vent-Miser™ Energy Savings Vent Covers

Wood-Ridge, NJ -- SPI introduces a new common sense approach to saving energy and money with the Vent-Miser™, an easy to use product that automatically shuts air flow to individual rooms when they will be unoccupied. The patent pending Vent-Miser™ utilizes a battery operated timer that can be set to open and close up to twice a day when the room is empty and send heated or cooled air to rooms where you need it most.

Now, instead of heating and cooling that child’s room while he/she is in school or that home office at night while you’re doing other things, or that dining room while you’re asleep, you can save money and be more comfortable at the same time.

Sample Image

Vent-Miser™ is available in five common sizes, and replaces standard wall, ceiling and floor vent covers (screws included). It runs independent of set-back thermostats, and has been certified to save up to 33% on home heating and cooling bills.

Now, instead of being forced to lower and raise your thermostat to save money and energy, the Vent-Miser™ allows you to remain comfortable while cutting green gas emissions, and saving money at the same time!

SPI is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality instruments, including weather products, kitchen timers and thermometers. The Vent-Miser™ will be available in stores in the Summer of 2007.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to introduce a product that can save people money, make their environments more comfortable, and contribute to a decrease in global warming all at the same time”, said Steve Hudon, VP Marketing. “Every homeowner will find multiple rooms in their homes to utilize the Vent-Miser™ to automatically cut airflow to unused rooms and save money.”

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June 21, 2007

Piola Modern Bookcase

Piola3_2 Piolap4
The Piola from Nobody and Co. stores books in modern modular style. It comes in two sizes with choice of peg colors and board style - glossy white lacquered or solid wood.  Looks as good holding a pile of cookbooks as it does empty. Contact for price and purchasing.

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June 19, 2007

Architecture + Design + "I Do"

The most unusually innovative wedding ever to be seen in Los Angeles


As the wedding season quickly approaches, hundreds of architecture and design enthusiasts will watch a young bride walk down the aisle in a one-of-a- kind, architecturally inspired, disposable paper dress. This, of course, could only happen at the highly innovative A + D Museum in Los Angeles. As part of the upcoming exhibit, SAUMA [Design as Cultural Interface], one lucky couple, originally destined for City Hall, chose to be the opening act - an iconic symbol altered, or should we say 'altared,' to represent the edgiest of urban design.

The A+D Museum has teamed up with the avant-garde design group SAUMA [sah-u-ma], a Finnish term referring to a seam, a borderline, and, in colloquial usage, a chance.  SAUMA [Design as Cultural Interface] will present innovative contemporary design from Finland, exploring new approaches to usability, user experience and the design process itself.

The exhibit consists of 17 experimental and interactive installations and design concepts including new portable devices, an experimental kitchen, an urban sauna and a game prototype. Other exhibition items explore the ideas of portability, sensory experiences and the ways in which we navigate our urban environment.

The opening wedding ceremony is an event utilizing the clothing designs of Finnish artist, Tuija Järvenpää, who finds it disturbing that objects should be left forever in closets long after they have outlived their function as usable objects. The artist's wedding gown can be styled with various prints, ornamental cut-in patterns and folds. Her dresses have been designed for one-time use only and are ideal for events like weddings. After the event, the gown can be ripped off and recycled, rather than hidden in a closet. With the wedding gown, Järvenpää aims to show even disposable products can have valuable uses.

Among the many interactive design concepts on view will be Takkiainen (a combination word that ties together the meanings of two Finnish words: takki, a coat, and takiainen, a bur). Takkiainen is a jacket made from Velcro strips designed for lonely people to help obtain contact with others. As we move around the city, we can use our clothes as a medium for meeting people and communicating with them in a highly tactile fashion.

Another installation, AIR, consists of three bubbles into which viewers can step inside. The bubbles are designed to recall personal memories and experiences of the three cities, Helsinki, Budapest and Paris, through olfactory and visual formats. When describing a city, an accurate definition includes the sense of smell, which brings to mind different memories. The odor of a city is not just about the sea, wind, parks, buildings and garbage, but also about people, the living environment, and its emotional, cultural and industrial life connected to memory. As in a personal perfume, the smell of the city depends strongly on the improbable balance of odors.

A new high-quality solution and texture for architecture and interior design that will also be seen at the exhibit is Graphic Concrete - a printing technique where a film is printed on pre-defined areas using a surface retardant. The coated films can be used on traditional aggregate concrete exteriors, surfaces consisting of various patterns, partition walls, floor slabs, landscaping products and works of art.

A+D Museum
and the
Finnish Cultural Institute in New York
Proudly Invite You to Witness the

Marriage of Architecture and Design
at a
Wedding Reception
(this is a real wedding!)

Celebrating the opening of
SAUMA [Design as a Cultural Interface]
on Friday, June 29, 2007 at 6 p.m.

Come meet the soon-to-be couple
who, in lieu of personal gifts,
request donations made to the A+D Museum

Donation / Ticket Options

$50 Gift
(includes one year individual A+D membership and invitation to the wedding for one)

$15 Gift from a non A+D member (invitation to the wedding for one)

No charge (as always) for A+D members

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Contemporary Bamboo Kitchen Cart


This rounded contemporary kitchen cart is edging out square versions with good looks and plenty of storage. Made of bamboo by Totally Bamboo, this cart rolls out on strong locking casters and holds tools along stainless steel racks and behind closed cupboard doors. There's even an extra surface that slides out for added space. Perfect for a contemporary kitchen of any size, for use as a craft table or on a boat. Retails for $1,075 from Totally Bamboo

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June 18, 2007

Glass House to Open to Public


Scandal fell on quiet proper New Canaan Ct when a cadre of Harvard educated architects moved in and dared to do the unthinkable. They vowed to modernize the town's staid New England architecture and succeeded in building structures that celebrated the rolling landscape by integrating the manmade with the natural. None was more successful at bringing the outside in than architecture's enfant terrible, Philip Johnson. And now, over 50 years since his Glass House sent ranting neighbors scrambling for columns on the local editorial page, the building is being opened for public tours. Turns out, this early ode to minimal modernism is a national treasure, and one we all can see starting June 23. 

Meet the rest of the scandalous "starchitects", check out the history of their creations and get a sneak peek of what you'll see on the tour in The Scandalous Starchitects From Harvard.

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June 17, 2007

Happy 100th Mr. Eames!

Charles_ray_eames Take a seat! This year Father's Day (appropriately) shares the 100th birthday of Charles Eames. It was a little over 60 years ago that this father of molded plywood started experimenting with wood veneers and glue -- coaxing them into inviting forms that embraced the body. This process that Charles and his wife Ray perfected revolutionized furniture manufacturing and set the new bar for modern design.

That first form, the Eames Plywood Chair was simple and fun! ... and would also serve as the inspiration Eames_plywood_birch_3for the couple's famous lounge chair that bears their names. Later he would create in aluminum and fiberglass. But in the beginning, it was plywood.

To commemorate the centennial celebration, licensor Herman Miller is reissuing the famous plywood in a birch veneer in the original white, blue and yellow finishes.


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June 15, 2007

Not Your Mother's Indoor/Outdoor Upholstery


Contemporary textile designer Sina Pearson's Spring Collection features the hues of the Yucatan in Bella-Dura™ fibers, which means it is perfect for poolside. If you aren't familiar with Bella-Dura you should take notice. An offspring of the Olefin family (think indoor, stain-resistant and kid-proof) Bella-Dura offers the feeling of fabric with the resiliency of resins. It is actually made from the by-product of refined petroleum -- putting Bella-Dura in the eco-friendly category. Primavera_01Siesta_01 With this collection, Pearson applies a variety of coloration techniques to create an evocative weave that is as tactile and colorful as it is durable. Fabrics list at $74 a yard.


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Nicole Miller Cocktail Table

Nicolemillercocktail Her Spring fashion collection featured decidedly feminine forms in flowing and shirred subtle prints with a slightly South American influence. What is tight and tailored in fabric tends to be bigger, darker and more masculine in furniture.

It could be the medium is the difference, but I just don't see Nicole Miller's eye in this Spring furniture collection. The common thread, if you will, seems to be the preference for luxe materials. The wood of choice for Spring was East Asia's very rare Macassar Ebony.

The most interesting piece was this oak and ebony cocktail table that featured hand-crafted recessed squares.


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