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June 13, 2007

Kohler SoundTile

Kohler's got us singing with its new SoundTile Speakers. They're high design, low profile water-ready speakers that let you rock out in the shower.

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June 12, 2007

Reader's Rooms - Bill's Dining Room

When Bill leaves Baghdad, Iraq and goes home to Reston, VA, he eats and entertains in this unique dining room. 

He chose Arne Jacobson's Fritz Hansen chairs in red to contrast with lime green walls and provide strong silhouettes against his glass tulip-base table. He added a bold area rug over bamboo flooring to anchor the table and chairs and then rearranged his existing artwork. Bill calls this look modern and eclectic.  Looking at the Flamingo lamp, we're thinking there's some kitsch in there too. What's your take?

Rate his effort in the comments section and then Show Us Yours!

Resources, Get Yours:
Fritz Hansen Series 7 Chair
Flamingo Accent Lamp
Square Tulip Dining Table

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Reader's Rooms - Vickie's TV Room

When Vickie sits down to watch the tube in her Smyrna, GA house, she's also admiring the entertainment cabinet.

"I purchased the Visions base cabinet in November 2005 because I wanted a flat panel TV and needed a nice piece of furniture to put it on.  I have a small space and wanted something contemporary.  I also wanted a piece of furniture to blend with my existing furniture, which is teak, with simple lines.  Luckily, I happened upon your and the rest is history.  I can’t tell you how often people that visit my home compliment me on this piece of furniture."


Rate her effort in the comments section and then Show Us Yours!

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Edra's Exploration of Skins

Edra_leather_mix Edra, famous for its tactile furniture (think broom-back dining chairs) has tapped the Campana brothers, Fernando and Humberto, to create a collection of chairs draped in a patchwork of rough-cut alligator and reptilian leather prints. Unstructured and primitive in shape, the chairs physical mass are not to be ignored. And that's the point. The goal is to awaken the physical senses with this evocative presence. Fair enough. But like the Amazon creatures that inspire the design, the chairs are a destination to be experienced, but do you really want to take them home with you?


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June 11, 2007

Modern Indoor-Outdoor Teak Furniture


Some magazines would consider it too late in the season to be writing about outdoor -- but that is because they are limited by the amount of pulp they have on which to write. Having no such limitations, we write when we find things we like. And I very much liked the Noon collection from Deesawat and Japan's Zero First Design. Deesawat Industries is a 35-year old Thai company that has its roots in wood, from doors to decking to floors and furniture. 

Noon is the latest in Deesawat's patio collection and the first with Zero First, although we hear a second collection is due out soon! It's hard to see in this picture, but there is a slight angle on the back of the seating pieces -- which breaks up an otherwise linear structure. More impressively, this is a collection that is designed to be indoors or out. The sturdy teak and steel frame, is outfitted with sunbrella cushions. Dress up the outdoors or bring the outdoors in. --diane

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June 10, 2007

A Garden of Modern Solar Lights

Coronasolarlight_2 These outdoor solar lights aren't commercially available yet -- but should be soon. With a win at the ICFF show in New York for best new design team, Emi Fujita and Shane Kohatsu have a little more bargaining power with the manufacturer who is interested in producing these absolutely stunning night lights.

Solar charged, a ring of LEDs lights the perimeter of the Corona. Properly engineered, these should require little sun for sustained power. The big question is will they be of a metal alloy, aluminum or stainless? Stay tuned.


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June 08, 2007

HUD Home of the Future


I am really excited to see HUD's new efficient, sustainable, affordable concept home.  Of the 60 innovative products and building solutions they used to build this place, the Pontos Grey Water System from Hansgrohe, Delta hands free faucets and the lawns drought resistant seeding top my list, but it's stiff competition. Click here to take the tour. It's well worth it!

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Growing Grobal


For those of us with less than green thumbs, Karim Rashid changes our gardens with Grobal.

"The Grobal originated from an ambition to create a techno-organic base for nurturing life and cultivating growth. The digital age we live in no longer accepts the semantics of ancient craft and demands multi-sensorial experiences - any object we bring in our house should be an expression of our modern being and development. The iconic egg-like object functions as the foundation for new life -it is a material visualization of digital sensual technology and nature synthesizing."
Karim Rashid

In English, it's a planter, but one with special properties. Grobal has a unique self-watering system that keeps your house plants lush and green by drawing water and nutrients from the reservoir into the soil. Perfect for plants like violets that like to be watered from below and don't want their leaves wet. Rashid also recommends it for orchids, succulents and herbs.

Get one for about $25 through Karim Rashid Shop.

And to find the best prices on his other products in every category from architecture books to vases, shop here.

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June 07, 2007

Readers Write In...

Here's a great question from Erik in Westwood Hills, KS:
Is there any rule against using an Oriental Rug with Mid-Century, modern furniture? I would like to warm up the room, and I think this may be a nice way to do it. Any advice would be appreciated.

Rules, shmules. There isn't one and I say go for it. As you say, adding an oriental rug will warm the room.  It will also give the space a sense of history that will ground your mid-century furniture and give the finished look a richer vibe. This does depend a bit on color coordination - make sure your rug and furniture go together in terms of hue and the styles will enhance each other.

I found an image from this month's Domino which shows two kilims under some simple, clean lined Shaker furniture. I include it because I think the effect of an oriental rug with your furniture will be similar.


Convinced? Do it! And send us a picture of the finished product.

Anyone else who wants to chime in, we welcome your comments (below)- and pictures of your pad (to me).


June 06, 2007

Artsy Artsy


Checking in with the Money Pit courtesy of Steelcase 360:
As if property taxes and energy costs weren’t enough, add “showpiece design” to the latest trend in outfitting your home. According to recent design show insiders, “The market is changing … there’s a new realm of design-slash-art … is it art? Or is it design? If it’s a chair you can’t sit on, it’s whatever you want it to be.” And it appears the preference is for limited edition, commissioned or prototype pieces, which further impact supply and demand (read: cost). Some examples of these high-design home furnishings? Marc Newson’s “Chop Top” tables, Wieki Somer’s boat tubs and Peter Ting’s china.



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