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June 22, 2007

Vent-Miser™ Energy Savings Vent Covers

Wood-Ridge, NJ -- SPI introduces a new common sense approach to saving energy and money with the Vent-Miser™, an easy to use product that automatically shuts air flow to individual rooms when they will be unoccupied. The patent pending Vent-Miser™ utilizes a battery operated timer that can be set to open and close up to twice a day when the room is empty and send heated or cooled air to rooms where you need it most.

Now, instead of heating and cooling that child’s room while he/she is in school or that home office at night while you’re doing other things, or that dining room while you’re asleep, you can save money and be more comfortable at the same time.

Sample Image

Vent-Miser™ is available in five common sizes, and replaces standard wall, ceiling and floor vent covers (screws included). It runs independent of set-back thermostats, and has been certified to save up to 33% on home heating and cooling bills.

Now, instead of being forced to lower and raise your thermostat to save money and energy, the Vent-Miser™ allows you to remain comfortable while cutting green gas emissions, and saving money at the same time!

SPI is a leading manufacturer and supplier of quality instruments, including weather products, kitchen timers and thermometers. The Vent-Miser™ will be available in stores in the Summer of 2007.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to introduce a product that can save people money, make their environments more comfortable, and contribute to a decrease in global warming all at the same time”, said Steve Hudon, VP Marketing. “Every homeowner will find multiple rooms in their homes to utilize the Vent-Miser™ to automatically cut airflow to unused rooms and save money.”

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