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July 06, 2007

Hansgrohe's Axor Line


Axor Massaud, the line by Jean-Marie Massaud for Hansgrohe, cleans up in the category of modern, organic innovations for the bath. Just look at this bathroom. It's gorgeous. The perfectly pitched sink faucet overhangs just enough and at the right angle to keep backsplash at bay. The floor mounted tub filler allows for extra options in oh so crucial bathtub placement. Even Massaud's accessories, like the Toothbrush Tumbler and clothes rack elevate the mundane. And combining all of his accessories wont create a too matched room of boring rigidity - he thought of that. They're all just different enough to keep the look interesting but cohesive. And the combination of these exceptionally well designed objects gets a great result - the perfect place to disappear to.

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