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July 31, 2007

Modern design questions answered!

Ali_azhar_2 Ali Azhar, contractor and design coordinator for HGTV's Design on a Dime, lends his advice to Pure Contemporary readers.

Lisa from Chestertown, NY writes: How do we change a 1970's contemporary exterior home with diagonal siding into something more updated but with a rustic feel?

There are several options available to give the exterior of your home a more rustic feel. Most of them can be a bit costly, so if budget is your main concern a faux finish is the answer you are looking for.

Sometimes color and texture is all you need to create a new look regardless of pattern. I would suggest using a white exterior paint (or what ever color you love) and lightly brushing the paint on your exterior. Once that is complete follow-up with a light sanding so that the paint holds on to the grain of the wood but the look appears as though years of sun and rain has begun to barley strip the paint off and give your exterior a more rustic and worn in feel. If you are feeling slightly more ambitious with your budget, you can hire a contractor to carefully remove all the diagonal pieces and reattach them horizontally and then follow-up with the same faux finish. In doing this you won't need to purchase any new siding or panels, and because you are recycling old pieces this will help add to the rustic feel as well as keep your project green.  The more you can reuse...the more we can help the environment.

Thanks for the tips Ali!

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