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July 06, 2007

Hansgrohe's Axor Line


Axor Massaud, the line by Jean-Marie Massaud for Hansgrohe, cleans up in the category of modern, organic innovations for the bath. Just look at this bathroom. It's gorgeous. The perfectly pitched sink faucet overhangs just enough and at the right angle to keep backsplash at bay. The floor mounted tub filler allows for extra options in oh so crucial bathtub placement. Even Massaud's accessories, like the Toothbrush Tumbler and clothes rack elevate the mundane. And combining all of his accessories wont create a too matched room of boring rigidity - he thought of that. They're all just different enough to keep the look interesting but cohesive. And the combination of these exceptionally well designed objects gets a great result - the perfect place to disappear to.

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July 04, 2007

Stars and Stripes


Designed in 1955, the iconic Star clock by George Nelson strikes a modern note at any time. This authentic re-edition is available at Nova68 for $325.


The eco-friendly Iannone Wood Stripe Cabinet mixes a frame of rapidly renewable bamboo with an FSC certified birch plywood interior (both materials are made with formaldehyde-free adhesives) and domestic solid walnut front. Finished with a low VOC water-based lacquer for healthier indoor air quality the cabinet is available in 3 sizes. From Vivavi; $2,000 - $4295 includes shipping.

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July 03, 2007

Red, White & Black...


An interesting way to create a modern lamp, this red, white and black stripe print is giclee printed on a canvas lampshade. Artsy. $99 through Shop Table Lamps.

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FLOR gets Bigger


After scouring the catalogs and the website, I still have trouble envisioning exactly how FLOR would look in my house. I've had samples sent here but they're minuscule - a good guide to exact color (never trust a monitor!), texture and thickness, less so in getting a sense of the mood they will bring to a room. FLOR has fixed this little problem with new larger samples. Any six samples in the new six inch square size will be sent to your door for $5. 

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July 02, 2007

Proud to be modern

I_b_red It's that time of year again when cook-outs, bonfires, fire works, and splashes of red, white, and blue can be seen for miles.

This year, why not show your patriotic side with the I B Pop chair from Scottish-based Blue Marmalade. Available in red, white, blue, and black, these indoor/outdoor chairs aren't just patriotic, but eco-friendly as well I_b_blue --  made from a single sheet of 90% recycled plastic.

-- allison

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Chairs on the Clamshell

Floger_chair The design out of Eastern Europe is to be taken very seriously. I saw this folding chair over at our friends at TrucDesign, and am wowed by it. Haven't had a chance to sit in it -- but the shape is superb.

With the flair of a Hans Wegner design and borrowing the clam-like enclosure from Mother Nature, this chair offers comfort and utility -- two concepts that rarely go together when you think about folding chairs.

Middle East University Industrial design professor Hakan Gürsu, recruited some of his students to start Designnobis. This Turkey-based product design firm is a newcomer on the industrial design scene -- but what a portfolio. Expect to see big things from this group in the next 12 months. We'll keep you posted on where its products can be found.


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Paper Seating


Origami design is becoming the biggest off-shoot phase of the feng shui trend. We've seen the ancient art of folding reinterpreted on curtains, flatware and tables, and now, we see it in modular seating for daring homeowners. Kraft Paper softseating by Forsythe and Macallen for Molo is made of 50% recycled content and uses the strength of a honeycomb structure that fans open accordion-like to become walls, stools, lounges, benches and more. We've seen these debuted at furniture shows and used in contract spaces, but it's been hard to find them for sale online until recently. The whole collection is available through Unica Home for $120 - $1990.

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