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August 24, 2007

Drop It.

Mirrorwithshelf Every day my husband asks me the same question: where's my wallet?

Maybe if I were the type to go through his wallet looking for money or just to grab a credit card I could understand. But I'm not.

The routine question sparks my routine answers. I say (annoyed), "I haven't used your wallet." Then (sweetly), "Where's the last place you had it?" We go through that whole bit of him talking about where he was most recently and either going back out to the truck he left it in, or saying he's already led an exhaustive search and can't possibly find it without my help.

His skill at finding the wallet is horrible to the point that I question his eyesight and ability to safely drive. No matter how long he's "searched" for this large, brown leather lump, I always find it in a minute or less. It's not that hard because of one simple fact: the wallet is ALWAYS in plain site.

It's wherever he dropped it - on a table, stair, countertop. It's just that he's not paying attention, and he doesn't automatically drop it in the same place every time he walks in. Maybe he likes the sense of discovery when it magically turns up again, but I don't, and I'm doing something about it.

Enter my savior, the witty and stylish "Half a Portion" Mirror with Shelf by Jette Scheiband and Neels Kattentidt. Exclusively available at the NY MoMA, this mirror has half of a white porcelain dinner plate attached to it, a handy shelf for forgetful folks.  I see it in my entryway, but it's also recommended for hallways, bathrooms, or bedrooms.

Just as the reflection makes the plate appear to be whole, one wallet would become two. He can't miss that, can he?

$198, or $178.20 for members

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