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August 29, 2007

Fireside Chats

These whimsically modern chairs were custom made by David Savage Fine Furniture Maker Woodwork School for a couple looking for a unique pair of fireside chairs.

Called the Fenella and John chairs, for the clients who requested them, this duo delivers exactly what each client requested...

Fenella had few requirements. She wanted a chair that would protect her from drafts, that would wrap around her and also have "A twiddly bit, just one, something frivolous."

John wanted a more pared down look, "raw bare bones, a man's chair, none of your cushions or padding just really nice wood."

Daren Millman who was the senior craftsman responsible for these pieces and Geoff Green who worked with him created these. A fitting tribute to any couple, who like the chairs, go together but aren't exactly alike.

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I like these!!

Very funky, whimsical - and yet there is something about this duo that is still rather regal. I would have sworn these "His and Hers" would have been the reverse, with the cushioned one seemingly larger. I don't have the dimensions of the chairs, but I would bet that the seeming size difference is really an optical illusion. Which illustrates how being able to see through something (think glass, mesh, acrylic, etc) will make the room seem larger -- because the item seems smaller!! -- diane

Posted by: Diane | Aug 29, 2007 6:27:47 PM

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