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August 31, 2007

Tonfisk Modern Tea Party

310_warm_tea Gearing up for Fall, we're looking at modern ways to warmly welcome sweater weather and found the perfect combination of style and function in the Warm Tea Range by Tonfisk.

The organic look and feel of cork, wood and ceramic certainly warms the set's cool minimal shapes, an even keeps them hot. A wooden cuff wraps objects to keep them insulated and doubles as a handle.

The range includes a series of teapots, espresso cups, latte cups, tea cups, trays and more. 

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The New Look of Bamboo Rugs

Think you've seen every bamboo rug out there? Think again. Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Co. turned its favorite eco-friendly material into a shag. Made from yarn that's 80% bamboo and 20% cotton, these shags look and feel like any other. But although a few manufacturers have used bamboo yarn to create fabric for clothing, towels and linens, Anji Mountain is the first to develop and apply the technology that results in a plush, thick yarn perfectly suited for weaving a shag rug.


See the colors and find out more at Anji Mountain Bamboo Rug Co.

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August 30, 2007

Seeing Red Bed


Quirky and fun, the Chinoiserie bed from Anthropologie caught my eye with its bright red graphic look and Asian flair. Too bad I can't get over the unpainted inset legs and black metal mattress/boxspring carriage (especially unforgivable from the side). They make a pretty pricey bed look kind of cheap. Only a bed skirt or extra wide, hanging blanket could hide these flaws, and then you've moved into a decidedly frilly, unmodern, dust-inviting look.   Also available in white, the aluminum framed bed costs $1,898 - $1,998 plus $250 shipping.

Our vote: cute for a teen if a third of the cost.

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OOOMS, Not What We'd Expect

Netherlands design studio OOOMS creates it all: the odd, interesting, useful, useless products that can all be described as art. Among these are the anti gravity machine, gold staple jewelry, the Rollator (a treadmill with wheels) and Rebellious Cabinets (furniture with drawers that cannot all be closed at once). Their most saleable product seems to be their wooden USB Memory Sticks, a clever combo of nature and technology, but my favorite is the Expect Cabinet.

A straight lined cabinet with what appears to be 4 drawers turns out to be something most unexpected, a complex series of hidden spaces.

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August 29, 2007

C'est brûlant

Summer is coming to a close. Soon the blasts of cold from the central air will be a thing of the past. But before you crank up the heat take a look at what's hot in modern fireplaces.

When I found my way to the French fireplace manufacturer Arkiane's website I didn't know where to start -- so many fireplaces, so little space in my home.

Here's a taste of their collection...


Gaïa's sensual curve's and minimal use of space would be a welcome addition to a modern bedroom.


The low-emission wood burning Yàn-Li also serves as a striking piece of wall art.


The latest addition to the modern fireplace collection, the Fayko's flames can be viewed through its frontal door or side portholes.

-- allison

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Fireside Chats

These whimsically modern chairs were custom made by David Savage Fine Furniture Maker Woodwork School for a couple looking for a unique pair of fireside chairs.

Called the Fenella and John chairs, for the clients who requested them, this duo delivers exactly what each client requested...

Fenella had few requirements. She wanted a chair that would protect her from drafts, that would wrap around her and also have "A twiddly bit, just one, something frivolous."

John wanted a more pared down look, "raw bare bones, a man's chair, none of your cushions or padding just really nice wood."

Daren Millman who was the senior craftsman responsible for these pieces and Geoff Green who worked with him created these. A fitting tribute to any couple, who like the chairs, go together but aren't exactly alike.

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Help with Home Makeover Plans

One of the hardest parts of any home makeover is visualizing the finished product. While many of us can answer questions about which colors or styles we prefer and what feelings we want our home to invoke, we're less conversant when it comes to describing a cohesive transformation.

Home makeovers can be expensive and owners who are unsure of what they're getting in the end are likely to put the brakes on major renovation plans. The thought of finding, choosing, and paying architects for plans that may or may not be used turns many new renovators off before they begin. But the renovation community is getting wiser, and delivering services that cater to people who just aren't sure of exactly where to start.

“We’re finding that homeowners are tired of just waiting. They want to do something but just don’t know where to begin,” says Todd Hallett, a Detroit-area architectural designer.

To help homeowners get their projects off to a quick start without making a big financial commitment, Hallett created the  website He uses his architecture and home building experience to create custom redesign sketches of any home’s exterior for $129.95.

He’ll do the same for an interior bedroom or bath addition, but the cost for this varies per job.

“People send me photos of the ‘before,’ describe what they want for the ‘after,' submit a realistic budget and I give them a custom designed sketch. It gets them started and when it comes to home redesigning that’s half the battle," says Hallett.

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August 27, 2007

Back to school shopping -- with a twist!

Summer's winding down...

Parents are counting the days until school starts, and kids are savoring their last few days of freedom. This upcoming weekend will undoubtedly be filled with back to school shopping -- new shoes, clothes, backpacks, and supplies. But this year, why not add furniture to the list.

Homework will soon be assigned -- and if you cherish the use of your dining table or living room floor you should seriously consider investing in a work space for your budding scholar.

Alex_desk_3 The Alex desk and chair from ducduc is bright, fun, and enticing! Available in 14 bold color combinations and two heights, the Alex desk comes with an optional entertainment system (built-in speakers and PC or iPod connection).

Order now from Modern Tots and receive free shipping to the continental U.S. until 9/3/07.

-- allison

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Kitchen makeover

The kitchen is the heart of the home -- but what happens when you are in desperate need of a transplant?


From a raised ceiling to a new view -- check out the complete makeover of this Pennsylvania kitchen!

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A steam shower that runs in sync with iPods and other mp3 players, the iSteamShower is designed for maximum relaxation. This version, with a curved back that houses an integrated lounge-type chair, comforts bathers with 10 body jets, a foot massage and foot scrub system.  The price for all this futuristic pampering?  $3542 at, where you can buy online, search other models and find out more.

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