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August 27, 2007

Modern Room Dividers

In the world of furniture's modern icons there are scores of chairs, sofas, and tables. But when it comes to room dividers, there is only one: the Eames plywood folding screen (left). Available in ebony, walnut, light ash and natural cherry, this icon costs around $1,675.

But for a cheaper, green alternative, check out Chiasso's Coil Room Divider. Made from vertical bamboo strips, this divider can be adjusted to look like the Eames version or even rolled up completely for easy storage. It will never be mistaken for the real thing, but think of it more as an eco-friendly approach with an easier to swallow price tag, $398.

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August 24, 2007

Drop It.

Mirrorwithshelf Every day my husband asks me the same question: where's my wallet?

Maybe if I were the type to go through his wallet looking for money or just to grab a credit card I could understand. But I'm not.

The routine question sparks my routine answers. I say (annoyed), "I haven't used your wallet." Then (sweetly), "Where's the last place you had it?" We go through that whole bit of him talking about where he was most recently and either going back out to the truck he left it in, or saying he's already led an exhaustive search and can't possibly find it without my help.

His skill at finding the wallet is horrible to the point that I question his eyesight and ability to safely drive. No matter how long he's "searched" for this large, brown leather lump, I always find it in a minute or less. It's not that hard because of one simple fact: the wallet is ALWAYS in plain site.

It's wherever he dropped it - on a table, stair, countertop. It's just that he's not paying attention, and he doesn't automatically drop it in the same place every time he walks in. Maybe he likes the sense of discovery when it magically turns up again, but I don't, and I'm doing something about it.

Enter my savior, the witty and stylish "Half a Portion" Mirror with Shelf by Jette Scheiband and Neels Kattentidt. Exclusively available at the NY MoMA, this mirror has half of a white porcelain dinner plate attached to it, a handy shelf for forgetful folks.  I see it in my entryway, but it's also recommended for hallways, bathrooms, or bedrooms.

Just as the reflection makes the plate appear to be whole, one wallet would become two. He can't miss that, can he?

$198, or $178.20 for members

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August 23, 2007

War and Peace, the New Look of Modern Art

Poster700_2 Art and politics have long been chums, but it's an uneasy relationship, with art making constant digs at the antics of politics. Marten Lindquist played up the ongoing friendship recently with his poster, Gauge. A stark look at modern politics, Gauge uses a simple symbol to make a complicated point, and it worked. Gauge has made waves around the world, winning the international Brushstokes competition.  The A plus R store has some of the posters from a limited edition of 100. They're all signed and numbered by Lindquist and printed in Sweden. $40.

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August 22, 2007

Carpet Tile Files

Carpet_tilesDesigners compile stacks and stacks of samples. These include booklets of counter materials, wallpapers, scraps of metal with different finishes and carpet tiles. Storing these stretches everyone's creative genius, but even the brightest gems in a collection lose their luster eventually. What to do with the out of date, out of style samples when you're hopelessly out of space? Redesign.

Ample Sample tested the limits of designers' re-creative imaginations when they asked then to reinvigorate the stacks of old carpet samples they had lying around. Here are our favorite new ideas:

The Loop Bench, a sturdy spot with comfort built in and the Mag Daddy Caddy, a fresh way of storing your latest reads. See the rest of the finalists and download instructions to build your own at Ample Sample.

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August 21, 2007

Get in the Mood

Fresh, modern and easy to navigate, Mood Designer Fabrics has the online swatch market all sewed up. Search is fast and easy to organize by color, material, cost, design application.  View you selections in small batches or all at once and zoom in on your selections. A great way to make finding the right fabrics fast - but beware, there is a ton of chenille on this site.


Grand entrance

Scott_piers_cutom_work_3 When Robin was asked for her input on artwork for her company's new office space she didn't need to look any further than Scott Piers. Specializing in post modern, contemporary and abstract wall art, Scott's blend of color, dimension, and digital creation immediately intrigued both the artist and I.T. specialist in Robin.

While ordering Scott's work for the office from Advance Furniture, Robin mentioned the empty wall space in her home's entryway to John Kenyon, Advance's national sales manager -- and the collaboration began. After sending John a photo of her blank space, he responded with a rendering of Scott's work broken into three panels. Robin was hooked -- and quickly began working with Scott to create three unique panels of artwork.

"I was convinced that I was going to have Scott's work somewhere in my house," said Robin.  "The photos on the website are nice, but to see them finished is eye-popping. The color and dimension that Scott  puts together is what drew me to his work."

Wall mounted and laminated with a velvet finish protected coating (allowing the prints to be protected without the glare of plexiglass), the three 38" x 78" panels of artwork liven up Robin's warm khaki walls, adding blasts of color to her otherwise neutral, mid-western home.

-- allie

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New search dedicated to modern!

Finding the perfect modern sofa or getting inspiration for a contemporary renovation can be taxing, time consuming, and completely frustrating... until now!

Get a sneak peak at Pure Contemporary's new search engine -- dedicated to the best hand-picked sites for modern and contemporary furnishings and design.

Tell us what you think of the search!

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August 20, 2007

Tom Dixon, you Maverik


We've seen Noguchi's ethereal lights and those they've inspired just about everywhere. They've been grouped together and presented alone. They've been pendants and floor laps, regurgitated by Target and reborn in dorm rooms. They may have become just too common to be interesting, but now they have a counterpoint--and it's one that reinvigorates its opposite simply by playing off it.

In a new version of natural and organic, Tom Dixon uses hand hammered brass and a low-lustre black metal shade to create his Beat lighting collection. The dramatic silhouettes in three easy to identify forms (Wide, Fat and Tall) beef up the light as air aesthetic of Noguchi's icons with a stark look that refuses to blend in.  Each $360 through

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Weigh in on glass

Dual_elbowThe future is clear -- especially if you're shopping at Future Glass.  With a full line of dining, side, occasional, and outdoor tables, all pieces are able to be customized -- from leg color, table shape, materials, and even colored glass.

I love glass tables and the clean, distinctive look they offer -- but hate the smudges and fingerprints.  Sadly, my glass topped coffee table is now hiding in the basement due to the incessant windexing factor.

What are your thoughts on glass tables -- love 'em or leave 'em?

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August 17, 2007

Top Color Palettes of 2008

Img_pal514_2 Picking a wall color is hard enough. When it's time to choose coordinating trim and accent colors and make the whole look go with the rest of the house things really get muddy.

Never fear, trendspotters. Pure Contemporary lightens your load with the Top Three Paint Palettes of 2008 - the no stress way to dress your home in colors you can live with.

But wait, there's more. It seems you little minxes might be getting your own ideas about what makes a great palette. Our advice? Go for it. You're probably right.

But don't take our word for it. We've got it from Debbie Zimmer, a bonafide color expert.

“Consumers’ increasing color confidence and personal style makes any color fashionable for 2008," Zimmer says.  “From glass-like blues, botanical greens, dramatic black and white and whisper soft pink, color directions will drive toward individual self-expression, glamorous living experiences or an increasing awareness of important environmental causes.”

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