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August 09, 2007

Toy Testing


Adults and children have different ideas about what's fun. While we proudly present the gift we've searched for all month, junior's more interested in the cardboard box it came in. Kids can make a box be anything, that's why while all those flash in the pan fads went forgotten, the cardboard box was introduced into the Toy Hall of Fame in 2005.

Bilibo honors kids' ingenuity by delivering the same low-tech fan-fare as the cardboard box in a package that resists rain, sand, snow and the general wear and tear of a much a loved toy. I've been enthralled with the award winning toy since I first saw it about three years ago, and today I finally bought one. My nephew's turning two and I can't think of a better test market for what's sure to be a favorite toy. Standby, I'll let you know if this bundle of options meets Jude's standards and survives.

Anybody else try the Bilibo? And are two better than one?

Give Bilibo to your favorite little friend.

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