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September 18, 2007

Atlas Industries as4 Modular Furniture System


A modular wall system is nothing new, unless it's built by hand from luxury materials.  In solid hardwood with dovetailed joints and mounts of cold-rolled steel bars formed from hand-blended welds, the as4 Modular Furniture System flouts the mass market idea of flexible furniture to deliver an elegant, completely customizable design.

Joseph Fratesi and Thomas Wright, partners in Brooklyn's Atlas Industries, conceived of the as4 as a storage, display and desktop solution fit for living rooms, kitchens, offices, and libraries in residential or commercial spaces. It works almost anywhere because it's made to fit the user's space right to the user's specifications.

Choose from top quality hardwoods like white oak, maple or walnut. Decide how long the steel mounts should be, whether they should be attached to the floor, or just to the wall. Then choose your components. Shelving, desktop, drawers, and files can all be chosen, arranged, and rearranged using Atlas's online, click and drag design tool. It's easy to use and calculates the price as you go, so you wont be surprised once you hit that order button. But check out the online gallery first, creating a great design is harder than it looks.

Because of the simple construction and quality materials though, putting the system together once you've ordered it is pretty simple, and you're free to rearrange placement of your components, or add more, at will. 

Prices start at $600 a linear foot. The white oak workstation as shown would retail for $8,214.

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