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September 21, 2007

Modern Alchemy in Art

Tanya Charlesworth Garvis works with extremes. In a centuries-old process known as vitreous enameling, she mixes copper and tiny granules of glass to create modern compositions of light, color and texture. Arranged and framed in tiles, her mosaics represent an ordered, organic nature of clouds captured in water or fire absorbed into rock.

“Tanya’s work is totally unique and the craftsmanship is astonishing,” says Alan Nugent, interior designer and co-owner of the Abode Stockholm Gallery in Stockholm, Wis. where her work is being shown this October.  “Her work is totally inspiring—I could create entire themes to complement one of her pieces. The colors and texture are like jewelry for a room.”

Charlesworth Garvis’ work is currently being featured in Vail and Telluride, Colorado galleries and will be featured in the Bachman’s Floral, Home and Garden Store in Minneapolis in November.

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Aswoon has us Swooning

We loved Susan Wood's screens and bent plywood furniture from the moment we saw them at ICFF a few years ago. Since then, her mattress spring-made room dividers and bent ply creations have decorated shops from Ferragamo to Saks, and her design lines keep growing. This year, she debuted our favorite creation yet, the Ribbon Float Lounge Chair.  An aptly named wave of pressed woods in golden brown hues and the smooth hand of satin, it's as if this chair's steel underpinning is the only thing keeping it grounded. A beautiful, functional sculpture.

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September 18, 2007

Have a seat


I'm not a huge fan of regular, rectangular sofas -- I like something with added curves or angles -- something that welcomes you in for a night of relaxation.

The curved opening of the Merrick sofa from Montauk just screams "crawl in!" Constructed from wood from sustained forests and upholstered in white wool, it's environment-friendly appeal and cozy covering may be worth every penny of its $5500 price tag.


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Time for football

Kegerator It's that time of year... Sundays filled with football games on the big screen, junk food, and beer!

This year, why don't you serve that cold, frosty beverage in style? Check out the Kegorator -- the high-end mini fridge holds a pony keg or 2 5-gallon kegs and quickly dispenses from the top tap.

Shop Montgomery Ward's for more entertainment accessories.


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Atlas Industries as4 Modular Furniture System


A modular wall system is nothing new, unless it's built by hand from luxury materials.  In solid hardwood with dovetailed joints and mounts of cold-rolled steel bars formed from hand-blended welds, the as4 Modular Furniture System flouts the mass market idea of flexible furniture to deliver an elegant, completely customizable design.

Joseph Fratesi and Thomas Wright, partners in Brooklyn's Atlas Industries, conceived of the as4 as a storage, display and desktop solution fit for living rooms, kitchens, offices, and libraries in residential or commercial spaces. It works almost anywhere because it's made to fit the user's space right to the user's specifications.

Choose from top quality hardwoods like white oak, maple or walnut. Decide how long the steel mounts should be, whether they should be attached to the floor, or just to the wall. Then choose your components. Shelving, desktop, drawers, and files can all be chosen, arranged, and rearranged using Atlas's online, click and drag design tool. It's easy to use and calculates the price as you go, so you wont be surprised once you hit that order button. But check out the online gallery first, creating a great design is harder than it looks.

Because of the simple construction and quality materials though, putting the system together once you've ordered it is pretty simple, and you're free to rearrange placement of your components, or add more, at will. 

Prices start at $600 a linear foot. The white oak workstation as shown would retail for $8,214.

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September 17, 2007



Light switches and dimmers do their jobs well enough, but they've always held the supporting role. Until now.

International Fashion Machines (IFM) remade the once lowly lighting aids as lively, colorful, fun and modern.

The Essential and Pom Pom wall dimmers are tactile fusions of technology and craft that work with the aid of brightly colored conductive fabric. The IFM website touts their designs as great for kids, but for adults, they're just as compelling.

The designs are bigger than you might imagine, measuring about 5" x 5.5", but modern technology is expensive, and for $99 a switch, you might as well show it off.

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September 16, 2007

Well rounded

Love Sand & Birch products -- here's a look at their last piece of work...

Velvet_sofa The Velvet sofa's spiral shape is upholstered in smooth velvet.  It's wooden frame is coated with a thin layer of polyurethane.


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September 13, 2007


Answertips_landing_square Not sure exactly what a term used in the blog means? Want more quick info about a designer whose name you recognize but can't quite place? Just click for a quick answer to your question without leaving the page or post.

Double click on ANY WORD, ANYWHERE in the blog, and your questions will be answered immediately. Don't believe us, give it a try...

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NOHO Design Ox


I've always thought of Hans Wegner as the man behind modern wooden chairs like the iconic Elbow, but he worked with ease with leather upholstery too. The Leather "Ox Chair" and ottoman shows all of Wegner's 1960's aesthetic of warmth and simplicity but delivers it with an edge not seen in his wooden works.

This modern classic has a cache of uniqueness the Eames lounge can't touch, and a price tag I can't touch.  But it's here for me to admire, and maybe for you to purchase:  black leather on chrome steel bases, designed by Hans Wegner for AP Stolen. Seat Depth: 21" Ottoman Height: 13" Width: 30" Depth: 18"


Found at NOHO Modern in La.


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September 11, 2007

La Difference's Modern Approach to Winter Wraps

GifformfairfaxSolid oak gets a modern makeover in La Difference's Fairfax Coat Rack.  A stylish way to welcome winter on clearance now through LaDiff.  $111.

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