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September 24, 2007

Vintage Japanese Modern Design


The strength and natural good looks of cedar made it the right choice for a chair custom made for a Sumo wrestler. 

The hard to find Kashiwado chair became a modern icon in 1961, when it was designed by Isamu Kenmochi for Tendo Japan. Kenmochi created the piece for Kashiwado, the famous Sumo athlete whose body this piece fit perfectly. Still made one at a time over several weeks, the Kashiwado chair is created in stages. Nova68, a shop selling the obscure icon, describes the process:

Craftsmen first cut out several blocks of the bottom roots of a Japanese cedar. They carefully select the best wood with the most tree-rings. The blocks are carved and layered on top of each other with a special process. The chair is polished and coated afterwards.

The price for such fine sculptural furniture? $9,950.

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Its a masterpiece. Three cheers for Kenmochi

Posted by: Zola | Sep 27, 2007 5:09:18 AM

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