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October 16, 2007

Green: the New Orange for Halloween


In terms of useless consumption and wasted energy, holiday decorations rank high. These little plastic items are manufactured, shipped, sold in bright, big box stores with perfectly controlled air. They're used for a few weeks and then either stored for a while, until cuter ones come out next year, or thrown away.

But something different is happening in the world of Halloween decor this year.  Halloween has always been one of the most eco-friendly holidays, what with all the walking and homemade costumes handed down or made from old clothes.  The pumpkin, gourd, corn and straw decor works in its favor too.  But something has spooked the industry into providing yet another green Halloween-themed item.  Then again, going green is good business, so perhaps that was the motivation. Either way we were happy to find mini, 13 watt (equivalent to 60 watts of light) black and orange compact fluorescent bulbs by Globe Electric, $9.33 for a set of two at Builders Square.

Are they great design? Eh. Maybe for a party or front porch lighting for the little trick-or-treaters, but don't keep these around all Fall. For one thing, you'll miss the white glow of a more natural light. A red and green mix is available for Christmastime too. Remember though: it's the red/green combo that's key at Christmas. Go for red alone and you send a decidedly less-religious message. Red lights on porches and in windows are best kept to a certain district in Amsterdam. 

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