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October 22, 2007

Modern Kitchens on the Web

The ALEX VITET DESIGN website delivers what consumers looking for innovative bath products have been begging for: a full service, e-commerce for international residential and commercial customers.

Alex Vitet's goal for the site is to preview new items before the residential or commercial market is made aware of them. And based on my run-through of the products available there, he's already doing a good job of that.  The ANTELOPE
bath collection-1 is the first segment launched. A premiere collection of 55 essential items, the line is American manufactured under Alex's creative direction.

ANTELOPE is made of DuPont Corian with four washbasin designs, countertops, shelves, earth graphic panels, shower landing and boxes. The individual selection and mix of these items together create a unique composition suitable for homes, restaurants, hotels, or resorts.

The collection's decorative graphic panels are based on true, hi-res, digital photographs of sandstone. Meant to evoke a look and feel of serenity, these panels are made of Laminated Glass with full-color, digitally printed inter-layers.

So far a gorgeous collection promising new products in lighting, furniture and table, Alex will continue to add new items to  the site and to the Antelope' collection.

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