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October 27, 2007

The World’s Most Expensive Green Mega-Mansion

Just got this press release in. What do you guys think? Can giant really be green? Seems that all the energy expended and products used (think of their manufacturing and shipping impacts) could be better used to build several smaller efficient homes. I'm thinking this kind of defeats the purpose. But this is America, after all, and we're going to have people who want McMansions even after NYC is underwater. So if it has to be giant, at least it's more green than the monstrosities that have come before... 

We have to give the developer kudos for stewardship, just maybe not of the environmental sort: he does use profits from his previous succsses to build homes for people in the poorest countries. I also have to give him points for wearing vests and sticking with his Winger-style hair decades after anyone besides Dog the Bounty Hunter thinks it looks good.  (Check the link to the YouTube for evidence)

MANALAPAN, Fla. -- Is it possible to build a green mega mansion? Is that an oxymoron, or worse yet, unethical? 

One man is risking a fortune to prove it can be done.

Legendary real estate "artist" Frank McKinney is creating the world's largest and most expensive certified green mansion ever built. What is even more amazing is that McKinney is doing so on speculation (without a buyer in mind), in Palm Beach County, Florida. The price tag? $29 million.

The entire process is being filmed by the well-known production company, RIVR Media, for a yet unsold docu-series currently titled "The Green Giant." The trailor for “The Green Giant” is viewable now on YouTube.

McKinney is an American original; a real estate "artist", 2-time international best-selling author and visionary who sees opportunities and creates real estate markets where none existed before. At age 18, with $50 in his pocket and without the benefit of higher education, McKinney left his native Indiana for Florida in search of his "highest calling."

For the full story on Frank McKinney and updates on the $29 million green mega-mansion, aptly named "Acqua Liana", visit

Green features of “Acqua Liana:”

§ enough solar panels to cover a regulation-size basketball court and could generate enough energy for two average-size homes;

§         a water system that collects enough “gray” runoff water to fill the average swimming pool every 14 days;

§         enough reclaimed wood to save 7.5 acres of Brazilian rain forest;

§         renewable woods that regenerate every three years vs. every 50 years for other hardwoods;

§ pools, reflecting ponds, water gardens, misters, etc., to drop the site temperature 3 - 5 degrees over neighboring properties;

§         recycling 340,000 pounds of debris during construction;

§         air-conditioning and air purification systems four times better than an operating room in the Mayo Clinic.

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