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November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving


Happy Thanksgiving!

To help celebrate, we bring you the Festive Pheasant. It's new from iittala for 2007. The bird's a special order and takes up to 3 weeks to get. It's on sale now at Unica Home for 20% off the $1,160. Cute, but for me, maybe next year.

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November 21, 2007

They may never leave

The relatives are coming -- but where to put them?

Feel_red_bed Feel_blue_sitting_up

Check out the Feel Seating System from Animi Causa. I love this. LOVE IT! And your guests will too.

Constructed out of 120 100% foam spheres covered by stretch fabric, Feel is designed to mold to the various positions of the body.

However, if time with the in-laws is similar to a tour in a Thai prison, stick with the old futon.

Discounts on Feel Seating System.


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November 20, 2007

Fire Starter

Even a small fire can heat things up and for football tailgating, s'mores or a quiet dinner for two, portable grills are a perfect solution.

We've long loved the Eva Solo Table Grill, but at $300, this little guy's a pricey addition to my already impressive grilling arsenal. Then along came an ultra similar chrome version from Sagaform. This bucket grill's a hot spot for just $40.

Clearly Eva Solo's porcelain grill with stainless steel handle and wooden trivet is an aesthetically better design. Its 12 inch grill surface edges out Sagaform's 10.5 inches, but functionally, they're pretty similar, just light charcoal and cook. Sagform's stands 10.5" tall compared to Solo's 6" and its feet make the trivet unnecessary.

Both are available at the A+R Store.

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November 19, 2007

Sex in Design

Sex in Design/Design in Sex to open at the Museum of Sex on January 31, 2008: Exhibition Will Highlight the Best Sexually Inspired Contemporary Designs From Around the World

New York, NY- November 2007- The Museum of Sex is proud to announce the opening of its thirteenth exhibition on January 31, 2008. Entitled Sex in Design/Design in Sex, this exhibition will be showcased in a gallery created by Pentagram Design, Inc. and will be on view through April 2008.

Design has the power to shape experience; lending intensity to sexual encounters and adding a sensual thrill to everyday objects. From subtle manifestations to overt declarations, sexual imagery appeals to the universal human desire for pleasure. Sex in Design/Design in Sex highlights the best and most compelling sexually inspired contemporary designs from around the world.

Design is a conscious process that encompasses the traditions and aesthetics of fine arts, architecture and engineering. Everything in our world is designed, from the homes we live in, the cars we drive, the clothing we wear, down to the way our food is laid out on a plate. Elements of shape, texture and color interact with varying intensity to either take our senses by storm or quietly fuel our perceptions of erotica.

The selected artifacts in this exhibition will explore the dynamic relationship between sex and design, with a focus on trends from the close of the world war era to contemporary times. The appreciation of form will be examined in historical context with an emphasis on prevailing sexual attitudes and the development of material technology. Featured artifacts range from the objects that enhance our sexual exploits and play, to the suggestive utilitarian and decorative pieces that construct our environments, elucidating the power of design to trigger our erotic imaginations.

Sex in Design/Design in Sex will present a spectrum of sexual imagery, from the blatant to the subtly sensual, leading patrons through the nuances of the powerful and ever-present relationship between sex and design,” explained Daniel Gluck, Museum of Sex Founder and Executive Director. “From digital design to clothing design and from product design to ‘green’ design, sex has served as a potent muse for designers and an indisputable obsession for consumers.“

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Project Runway Flops Apartment Design


The fourth season of Bravo's reality show "Project Runway" is underway. While fashionistas tune in to peep the newest runway trends we at PC are more interested in the contestant's digs.

Contestants on this season's show were treated to new apartments in NYC's luxury New Gotham.  The building has all the amenities any aspiring designer dreams of getting used to: 24-hour personalized concierge service, a full gym, basketball court.

The decor on the other hand, which in each of the six apartments provided was done by Bravo, looks like something most adults have already outgrown. Production designer Katie Abiad says they were going for minimalistic, which sans stripes and stencils they may have achieved. The overall look though lacks the sophistication of well-done minimalism. Instead of a few carefully chosen pieces of impeccable quality, we get the look of a budget one day makeover on HGTV.

The building's great, but to this design we say, "auf Wiedersehen."

We've got a design idea for Bravo: maybe next time let the cast of "Top Design" in on this project. At the very least they'll come up with something more inspired than beige.

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November 18, 2007

For the literati on your list

Is there a lover of literature and modern design on your list? Look no further!

Pick one up for yourself while you're at it!


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Trim the tree

I got into my car Friday evening and it began -- the Christmas tunes are all over the radio! It's time to get into the season.


Start with these modern ceramic ornaments. Available at


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November 15, 2007

My Latest Obsession...


Lately I'm loving anything by Roger Capron. His bright colors and whimsical, tribal looking designs snap me out of my dreary weather funk. I can't help but smile when I see his work. Check these out...

Org_capron_platesA set of 6 handpainted porcelain plates with gold trim. These were done in 2005 and based on a design from the 1960s. Available at Guèridon for $1,200.

My favorite example of his work, also at Guèridon, is the vibrant pitcher and cups from 1955 pictured atop this very post. The yellow enamel really works for me; $1,800.

X_2For a more Eamesian look (if that's a look) the 10 piece ceramic set at Wooster Gallery shows Capron can be a bit more restrained too; $1,850.

Dscn9875I might have a new favorite: the Decanter and cups over at Mary Ann Lembo. I can't resist the shapes, colors and childlike design. A great example of the new 1960s modernism of Capron. $975.

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November 14, 2007

Great Design Respects the Earth - America Recycles


The National Recycling Coalition (who has this great flag on their site) reminds us - tomorrow is America Recycles Day. Check out to find events in your area and see what impact on the environment your recycling (or lack of it) has. To celebrate, here are a few of our favorite recycled products.



Sick of cloying, crudely painted kid's rooms, we loved this new take on the animal theme from Dutch designer Inke Heiland. Taking reams of vintage wallpaper, Inke's used the wild designs to create one-of-a-kind cutouts easy to stick to the wall. A modern nod to grandmas hallways and to the environment. Images, courtesy of Inhabitat.


Bedrock Industries comes up big by making "crunchy" ethics look great. Its Blazestone tiles are crafted entirely from post-industrial and post-consumer glass, without additional oxides or colorants.
Each tile is handmade from unique combinations of glass. It gives each tile a distinctive appearance and subtle color variation. Perfect for the green kitchen, bath or fireplace project. Smith_backsplash


16479_sm16482_sm16483_sm Margaret Taylor reclaims wood from houses, boats and barns across the country and uses it to create minimalist furniture with a warm, lived in look. It's the traditional patchwork designs that make these pieces cozy, but the tonal colors and strict lines give them an unmistakably modern appeal.  Available through Uncommon Goods. Click this link and scroll down to see the good stuff.

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November 13, 2007

Gift Giving ideas

What to give the apartment dweller (or those who adore their old-school radiators)? Check out Byung-seok You's Natural Wave.

Natural_wave_2 This oh-so-simple ceramic plate fits over the radiator and warms your drinks and snacks without having to use electrical devices (also perfect for the green-conscious).

Simple and functional -- doesn't get any better.


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