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December 02, 2007

A Gift for Those Hard to Buy For ....

Pandigital_15inch_dpf_group_082907 Shhhh! I think I found the perfect gift for my mother-in-law!! Grandparents are a perennial challenge for present buying. They pretty much know -- and have -- what they want. Up against, "save your money -- I don't want any more stuff anyway" I found the perfect gift: Pandigital's hi-res frames. The resolution is finally worthy of the photos themselves and with up to 256MB of memory, you can easily store dozens of high-res photos. It comes with two interchangeable frames -- so will fit in great with your contemporary style.

I (easily) assembled a montage of photos for my mother-in-law using a USB connection to my PC (it works with Macs I understand now too). You can also use most popular memory sticks and memory cards. Since she schlepps to Florida every winter, I figured this would be an easy way to transport all her favorite family snaps. If she sets it on random display, voila, she will have a different photo every time she walks into the room.

There are 10 different sized frames - from 1.8" to a whopping 15".  Now that I think about it -- this would be perfect for my Dad! --diane

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