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December 11, 2007

Resolutions for 2008 Focus on the Home

Ringing in 2008 may also mean ringing up some local contractors, if predictions by the team at hold true.

Basing its predictions on the most recent goals MyGoal community members have indicated, MyGoals says that instead of buying additional homes for investments or vacationing, people will look toward investing in their main home.

"It's just like the what the economists tell us," said Greg Helmstetter, CEO of "When people stop buying houses, they concentrate on improving the house they've already got."

Last year, 30% of all real estate-related goals were to buy a home, whereas 45% were to improve a home. This year, only 9% of real estate goals will relate to buying a home, whereas a massive 64% will involve improving a home.

While home improvement is often a form of financial investment, as a goal category, it includes some benefits that are not unlike those seen in goals related to personal growth.

"Improving your home — whether you do it with your own two hands or hire professionals — can be an extremely challenging and rewarding experience," says Helmstetter. "It's a very creative process, always involves learning, and results in happiness and other tangible benefits that will surround you every day for years to come. All in all, putting money, hard work, and love into your home is not only good for the home, it's good for the family and good for the soul."

So go for it guys, this may just be your year.

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