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January 25, 2008

BOOK: 150 Best Loft Ideas


Although loft living once meant converting old industrial warehouses, today it has evolved into a style and approach for modern living spaces. New ideas on how to design, build, and decorate a home are always of essential value to architects, designers, and homeowners alike. 150 BEST LOFT IDEAS offers an extensive collection of lofts from New York to Chicago, from Tel Aviv, Israel to Johannesburg, South Africa, from Barcelona, Spain to Buenos Aires, Argentina. These unique lofts are devised by distinguished international architects and designers who have worked to achieve practical, innovative, and stunning solutions adapted to the specific needs and particular tastes of their clients. This compilation expresses the diversity of current trends in loft design and provides an inspirational source of ideas for those active in the field of design or interested in catching up on the latest in contemporary residential architecture.

150 BEST LOFT IDEAS features inspirational full-color profiles of 150 exciting lofts across the globe. Organized into five sections, the book opens with one lvel, open plan lofts. The next chapter looks at the use of levels and partitions to make the most of the volume and space, followed by the introduction of specially-built objects and the use of color to identify different areas of the home. Chapter four features some of the most ingenious solutions for making the most of space and light, and the last chapter showcases a selection of unusual conversions.

ISBN 9780061348273, Hardcover - $29.95 On-sale : February 5, 2008

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