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January 08, 2008

Lighting your space

Home theaters are becoming increasingly popular in today's homes.

Lighting_3 When it comes to decorating this space, nothing is more crucial than the right lighting. Tim McKeough from the NY Times consulted lighting expert Randall Whitehead to help sort out the confusion.

Q.  What kind of lighting should I install in my home theater?

A. In most people’s homes, the media room is a multifunctional space used not only for watching movies and TV, but also for entertaining guests or reading in a quiet corner. Fixtures and controls that allow the levels of illumination to be adjusted in different areas of the room are essential.

Randall Whitehead, a San Francisco lighting designer and the author of “Residential Lighting: A Practical Guide”(John Wiley and Sons, 2004), identified four basic categories of lighting used in most rooms: ambient, task, accent and decorative.

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