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January 24, 2008

Mommy's Chair


My first reaction? "What a sweet drawing. Some little five year old went all out!"

What? It's not a drawing? It's actual furniture? Jump back!

These colorful, whimsical creations are Mommy's Chair by Lucy Merchant. Inspired by child drawings (obvious!), the chairs come in cheery primary hues. The powder coated steel frames hold the matte white seat -- resembling the drawing paper.

Suitable for indoor/outdoor use. But I think they'd look positively adorable in a mod nursery.


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Would you really?

Say what you want about space-saving tactics, utilizing wall space, and freeing your home of clutter...

This is bad!


A wall-mounted wire shoe rack in the shape of a pair of feet. Yes, they're real. And probably selling out.


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George Mahony Solv Studio


George Mahony of Solv Studio creates architecturally inspired furniture with an unmistakably sculptural feel. 4_2

Mahony just sent us a few images of his newest works, but we couldn't resist showing you an image of another project he hadn't mentioned. The computer station pictured above holds a printer and slide-out keyboard tray for those who want to work in a standing position. We love the robotic quality of the design. It looks like it may just spring to life.

Here's a look at his most recent debuts:

3LU-BE: ebonized bent birch hoops in a simple stainless steel frame upholstered in vinyl billboard or any other fabric with high-dense foam.

LJC FLAT COCKTAIL TABLE: bar steel with cantilevered ebonized ash shelfs with glass top, can be round, square and rectangle glass top with corresponding base.

1CONTAINMENTS: a series of minimalist boxes cantilevered from stainless steel columns, many sizes and shapes depending on the end users needs.

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January 22, 2008

Bounce with me

Swan_bouncerMy cousin is giving birth to a baby boy as I write -- and I couldn't be happier!

However, this presents me with a dilemma... what to give the new mother and baby.

Many will supply her with baby books and albums, sweet stuffed animals, and the obvious adorable outfits with matching booties.

I prefer to buck the norm. Why not give a gift that will sooth the little one and, inevitably, calm the mom!

The Svan Bouncer is fully adjustable (allowing the baby to lay down or sit up), and bounces to the child's own movement. The padded fabric seat is easily detachable for machine washing, and the Bentwood backrest provides support -- as well as aesthetic appeal.

Let's be honest -- most bouncers are bulky and unattractive. At only 7lbs, and available in 6 modern color combos, the Svan can easily blend in to any modern home.


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The Sitscape project from Hackenbroich Architekten wants to broaden the relationship people have with their furniture. But I'm sure if it's a relationship that I'm comfortable with...



Made of laminated wood, white leather, steel and aluminum, the Sitscape is a six-yard long seating arena that incorporates six different seating positions for consumers to discover (from sitting up-right to lying down). But does it look cozy? As it is only a concept piece, we may never know.

Thanks for the tip Stylehive.


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January 21, 2008

See Our Readers 'Round the World!!

We just finished compiling our reader stats for 2007 -- and one of the most interesting statistics was looking at where all of you come from. More than 200 "countries" were represented with the most readers being from the United States, while single individuals from countries like Tajikistan, Tonga, Solomon Islands, Rwanda, Sierra Leone -- and Vatican City (that's a non-sequitor if I ever saw one) found us. Because we love watching this design community that we are helping to bring together -- we added the "Feedjit" widget to the blog which allows us to see real-time where in the world people are coming from. The box refreshes daily -- and if you drill down on it (click on it), you can see where in the world we are read!


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January 17, 2008

For those cold nights

We found these online the other day. I have since been lost for words -- until about 5 minutes ago.

Forgive me for not knowing that iPods, inanimate objects, are sensitive to the cold. Apparently they need to have the option of putting on a hoodie! I kid you not. A little gray hooded sweatshirt for your iPod.


While this site only sells one type, I'm sure within the next month frivolous consumers will be able to choose from a plethora of ridiculousness. All too soon they be customizable. Want your alma matar on your iPod? Done! What about those cute little Jonas brothers. Not your style? Maybe a skull with crossbones. Or the eternally classic yellow smiley face.

Yes, the absurdity will blossom.

And by the way -- they're sold out!




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Modern Objects for 2008


Modern trends in home accessories from one of our favorite Parisian designers, Jean Marc Gady.

In 2008 French designer Jean Marc Gady puts the object first with modern commissions for 5 lux companies...

1. Accessory line for MOET & CHANDON
This fresh Moet & Chandon service accessory range has buckets, cooler, bowl, candlesticks and platters. Jean Marc Gady plays with the strong contrast between deep black varnish, polished stainless-steel and pewter metallic.


2. "Marly tech" collection for CHRISTOFLE
in collaboration with Guillaume Galloy and Sam Baron.

USB Key "Marly Tech"

This new collection for people and their pads draws from Christofle's heritage to create a multi-generational range. The "Marly" motive (an acanthi leaf) was reworked then affixed on simple and contemporary forms. The collection includes a dozen pieces: business card holder, key chain, pocket mirror, usb key, candles, platters, photographs, and frames.

"Marly Tech" gigantic mirror


Plates collection for Ligne Roset

"Moonlace", "Moonstamp" and "Moonwalk" plates

A modern ceramic plate collection on that walks the line between old and new. "Moonlace" suspends time by resuming old-fashioned embroidery detail on napkins to immobilize them forever in ceramics state. "Moonstamp" plays up its fragile side with broken looking detail. "Moonwalk", pierced as Gruyere, suggests archaeological remains and an already started meal.

Material: white ceramic, 24 cm x 24 cm x 2.5 cm.
Nota: The collection will be presented on the François Bernard trend forum "Presque là" during the next Maison & Objet fair (from January 25 to 29, 2008)


"Up yours" ashtray for La Tête au Cube

A very "bling bling" re-edition 2008, this anthropomorphic ashtray holds a cigarette between its fingers. Not really "politically correct"? Up yours!

Material: ceramic, 80 mm x 80 mm x 120 mm. Available in gold, platinum, black, white and orange.


"Vase couché" for Baccarat (laying down vase)
Mail7As a classic looking vase from Baccarat with a modern twist it looks to have been broken, really. The lying down vase is meant to hold a single bloom. Available spring 2008.

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January 16, 2008

Love it or leave it?



I doubt it's just me, but I have to ask -- who wants to buy this?

Just imagine walking into your bathroom in the middle of the night. You're groggy and a bit out of sorts. Then bam! Two gleaming white hands jutting from your walls. Terrifying. Simply terrifying.

I don't think Chiasso's Hand Holders (for $98!) will be a big seller. So tell me -- what do you think? Click on Comment on this Story below.


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January 15, 2008

Dress Up Your Walls With Imagekind

Frame_engine1ashxWe've already told you about online art purveyors like Photofiddle, Avalisa, and Ugallery, and the world of Internet art buying continues to develop.

Instead of offering just one major art form like photography, canvass work customizable by color or size, or as at Ugallery, works by college students, the new breed of online art site is a strong community, like Imagekind.

This online art community delivers on-demand printing and custom framing of images you upload yourself or purchase from the site. Imagekind's vast collection features droves of photos, prints, mixed media and paintings from museum masters and members who sign up for free and show their wares to the world. 

And it's the member's work which is most  unforgettable. I've been trolling this site now for about 20 minutes and have no plans to jump ship. It's so well organized and easy to navigate that I can't help but click. From what I've seen so far, every member of this community has something significant to offer, and I don't want to miss one of them. For my famously picky art tastes, this site marks a real challenge: deciding which one buy.

Although, I shouldn't even be sure I'll choose member art. There is the matter of my two-year-old wedding photos, none of which has yet appeared in frame. Imagekind gallery frames could easily hold a suite of images lovely enough to quiet my mother's constant but gentle reminders that she doesn't even have one photo of her only daughter's wedding. That's tempting.

Of course, I will narrow my choices and choose wisely. And when I do, I will update you on the quality of the result, and perhaps even show you how it looks in my own home. Until then, check it out yourselves.


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