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January 30, 2008

Style Finder

We may not be able to eloquently describe our "style" when an interior designer asks, but we know what we like when we see. If that's not enough, get your style pinned down and explained to you. It takes just a few minutes with the Style Quiz from Merillat.

The interactive online quiz churns out 11 fun, interactive questions to help the aesthetically unsure define their style and find the right products for minor home improvements or total renovations. I'm a "Modern Contemporary." I was lead to a mix of cabinetry, hardware and door selections complete with a photo gallery of rooms I might like. The designs are heavy on cabinetry, as one might expect form a cabinet manufacturer, and more transitional than really modern or even contemporary.

In the end I was most impressed with the products and the easy navigation of the site. Choose a product your interested in. Then easily select finishes, styles and applications. Images appear quickly as you make your selections, and it's just as easy to change your mind.

This site is a great spot for people planning a remodel to visit. Tons of content, easy to use, lots of products. They also have a 3-D design planner that looks very promising, but i couldn't use it. PC users only.

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