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January 14, 2008

WeeHouse Makes Big Changes


A leader in environmentally conscious pre-fab homes and custom architecture, weeHouse started 2008 with a web redesign and a renewed commitment to its core green values.

Alchemy Architects announces, a redesigned Web site, for people interested in learning more about Alchemy’s weeHouses, custom architecture, and past as well as proposed projects.

"Good+Cheap+Fast" is the motto for Alchemy’s contemporary prefab architecture; "Good+Helpful+Fast" is the motto for the new Web site. Within the field of architecture, Web sites have traditionally been used as on-line portfolios and corporate publicity vehicles, but for Alchemy, the Internet has long been a primary means of communicating with and informing potential customers. Alchemy likes trees—a lot—so no printed brochures are available.

Their redesigned Website takes modern architectural practice one-step further by introducing a complete line of weeHouses ready for purchase (Alchemy has proven experience with 15 built contemporary prefab structures and over a dozen on the drawing board).Two easy-to-navigate sections, "weeHouse/prefab" and "custom architecture," clearly illustrate the range of Alchemy’s work. 

The weeHouse/prefab section features innovative arrangements of one-module Singles and two-module Pairs, offering up 11 different weeHouses. Ranging from one to three bedrooms and complete with interactive, 3-D exterior renderings, geographicpricing is listed by range. As a focused refinement of Alchemy’s weeHouse prefab system, weeHouse design utilizes highly efficient floor plans and sustainable elements such as bamboo flooring, fibercement siding, in-floor heat, and low-e AndersenWindows. Illustrated by user-friendly, interactive, and crazy-fun 3-D drawings, the Web site invites visitors to rotate around the outside of each weeHouse (which is very helpful considering that, to-date, most are privately owned and not available totour). The Web site also provides floor plans, kitchen and finish options, and budget planning tools online or as downloadable PDF’s.  By launching this weeHouse line, Alchemy is able to provide the benefits of pre-design and prefabrication and bringsustainable, modern houses to more people more affordably. The custom architecture section includes a gallery of Alchemy’s renovations, new home construction, and commercialwork. While each project is unique, evidence of Alchemy’s design style is clearly visible. 

Additional sections of the Web site include galleries of past and on-going projects, selected press, staff and office information, and an exhaustive FAQ including the Alchemist’s favorite books (hint: they have lots of color pages). Beyond being simply an informational tool, Alchemy's playful new Web site reflects the character of the office with engaging, whimsical-yet-industrial elements beginning with a toggle switch on the home page.  Photographs of Alchemy’s projects—from the ‘paddle’ handle on the Anodyne Coffee House to the mattress spring chandelier featured in the WeismanArt Museum to the now iconic Arado weeHouse—let you know you’re looking at a firm where design, function, reuse, texture, industry, and play all come together. Strong client-architect relationships are just one of the ‘perks’ of working withan Alchemist. That starts with having a Web site that engages and explains, is interactive and informational.

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We have a very small water front lot in a tidal creek in Jacksonville, FL. We're very interested in the wee house, probably a one or two story version with a 22 x22 footprint. We'd appreciate your comments.

Posted by: Gayle Jackson | Apr 8, 2009 7:18:09 PM

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