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February 26, 2008

In the Round

I have a bit of a reputation among my family and friends -- I'm what they call a floor rat. I love sitting on the floor -- in any room. Seems silly that my husband and I bought an elaborate over-sized sofa -- seeing as I rarely sit on it.

And I could have saved a few bucks in my office -- forsaking the plush chair I bought to reside behind my desk.

With that said, I could be persuaded to sit in this --


Something about it just seems so comfy -- perfectly formed to suit your body. No unnecessary padding, no overly-fluffed pillows. Nothing. Just the bones of a good chair.

In the Round, a chair named after the technique of knitting sleeves or socks, is constructed from a tubular steel frame to form one continuous line that closes in a loop. Over fifty feet of wool sleeve is used. Contact Luflic for price and availability.


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