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February 29, 2008

Furniture with a Brazilian Flavor

Less is more -- especially in today's over-inundated market of pillows, vases, and elaborate home decor. A simple piece of well-crafted furniture may be all you need to fill a room with life, style, and a sense of being.

That is why Pure Contemporary has quickly become a fan of Brastilo, a company specializing in Brazilian-inspired contemporary home furnishings -- with an eco-green consciousness.

To understand what makes Brastilo tick, we caught up with William Oliver, designer and consultant for Brastilo -- as well as William Sonoma, Pottery Barn, and Target -- and Jack Fisher, VP of Marketing for Brastilo.

William Oliver:

Flatfront_buffetBrastilo utilizes a lot of pine. Where does it originate from?
The Brazilian pine comes from 45,000 acres of sustainable land in the rain forest, owned by parent company Irani.

How do Brastilo products differ from those available from the mainstream market?
The high-quality pieces are constructed from solid wood and come fully assembled. Each is delivered to your door with white glove service, meaning they are unpacked and ready to use. There is an emphasis on individuality, with many pieces being hand-crafted.

How does Brazil translate into furniture and home design?
The people and culture of Brazil exude a simple, laid-back lifestyle, which translates beautifully into the furnishings.

You are well-versed in product design, working in mediums from furniture and lighting to textile design. What drives your design?
I specialize in simple, pure, aesthetic design. I believe that clean, modern design resonates from inside, and can be implemented across several product areas.

Pictured: Flat-Front Buffet by William Oliver for Brastilo.

Jack Fisher:

Tell our readers a little about Brastilo.
Brastilo strives to bring eco-friendly, contemporary furniture with a Brazilian flare to the consumers. Brazil has such a rich history in furniture design. We are looking for designers out of Brazil, and those with a penchant for Brazilian design, to create products that blend a mix of clean lines and primitive nature.


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February 28, 2008

Custom wheels

For many men, my husband included, a custom bike ranks high on their wish list. And for many women, this delusion of grandeur is often met with a resounding "no!" Until now...


Introducing the Roddler -- a completely customizable stroller for the chic, albeit unconventional, crowd.

Pricing starts at $2500 and orders are already being fulfilled. Check it out.


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February 27, 2008

Noodle Collection lives up to its name

Kenneth_cobonpue_4 I get countless emails everyday featuring new products, designers, retailer specials, and expos.

Each one is like a little present. You never know what's inside. The anticipation grows. You quickly open each one -- some are the equivalent of an expensive pair of designer boots that your husband swore he'd never purchase. Others, well lets just say they're similar to pajamas for a 6 year old on Christmas morning.

When I opened a recent email from Kenneth Cobonpue showcasing his Noodle collection, I felt like screaming Gucci, Prada, Dior, oh my!

There isn't one piece featured that I'm not lusting after this very moment. A mass of intersecting lines inspired by noodles -- so simple, yet so right.

Available in freestanding pieces or with an oak platform, the Noodle Collection is available for either indoor or outdoor use.


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February 26, 2008

In the Round

I have a bit of a reputation among my family and friends -- I'm what they call a floor rat. I love sitting on the floor -- in any room. Seems silly that my husband and I bought an elaborate over-sized sofa -- seeing as I rarely sit on it.

And I could have saved a few bucks in my office -- forsaking the plush chair I bought to reside behind my desk.

With that said, I could be persuaded to sit in this --


Something about it just seems so comfy -- perfectly formed to suit your body. No unnecessary padding, no overly-fluffed pillows. Nothing. Just the bones of a good chair.

In the Round, a chair named after the technique of knitting sleeves or socks, is constructed from a tubular steel frame to form one continuous line that closes in a loop. Over fifty feet of wool sleeve is used. Contact Luflic for price and availability.


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Modern Lighting


Bold in color and materials, minimalist in proportion and design, the Pablo Tube Top Table Lamp at Design Public proves that a restricted style can exude tons of personality.

We love it for the array of color choices and smart use of acrylic warmed with a mesh fabric shade.

$99 for the small.

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February 25, 2008

Clean Your Room


Just what every room needs, an endless provocation for parents to scream, "Pick up those toys!"

This art piece is by none other than Brazil's famed Estudio Campana. Who else could be so whimsical, irreverent and expensive?

Called the Banquette, this chair's been shown in exhibitions around the world and is one of their most exuberant works. Each chair is handmade and will vary from the one shown here.

Limited edition of 150 pieces, signed with the studio mark and numbered per year of production.

Price available upon request through Moss, the exclusive retailer. So what do you think - Love it or Leave it?


Seeing Red, 2008 Oscars Represent Modern's Favorite Hue


The 2008 Oscar attendees strutted the red carpet in frocks to match, an instant indicator of the color's strength this year.

We're always prattling on about the influence of fashion on home design. Though it may take a while to trickle down into mainstream American homes, the colors, styles and textures that grace runways do eventually find a spot in interior design.  And judging from the Oscar's last night, red continues to be a must have in fashion of all stripes.

2008_cyrusm_02 2008_deer_01_22008_dempseyp_01_2

Want the best tips on bringing red into your home? Discover the Power of Red.

 Hive This!

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February 22, 2008

Solus Modern Planters and Outdoor Firepit


We've told you about Solus's concrete tiles and fireplace surrounds. And now the company's announcing its foray into outdoor decor with a collection of concrete bowls, boxes and even a firepit.



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Mod baby dining

My family is growing -- as are my babysitting duties. As it goes, I have to outfit my home for the visiting little ones -- primarily somewhere for them to eat and sleep.

My dining area isn't exactly conducive to children, so a good highchair is a must. I went to one of those cumbersome baby stores -- and was instantly annoyed. Apparently there are very few options for an all-in-one baby diner. Then it happened -- the dreaded salesperson.

I was naive enough to inform them of what I was looking for. Apparently, I needed to buy a bouncy to start. Then as the child gets older they have to be moved to a regular highchair. THEN, I'll have to have a good booster seat once the child outgrows the highchair. Are you kidding me.

Why I didn't just go in search of what I needed online, I don't know. But after leaving the store empty handed I quickly found several options on the web. Here are two of my faves --

Hi_lo_chair Mutsy

Pictured -- The Hi Lo Chair and Mutsy Easy Grow. Both available from Liapela.

Want more of Pure Contemporary's picks for modern baby and kids? Click here.


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Modern Makeover - Soho Chic

Before_raw_space_3 After_living_and_dining_room

With clients who craved crisp, clean design, Donald Billinkoff of Billinkoff Architecture, had 3,000 square feet in one of Soho's premier cast iron buildings to fill.

From the beginning, the home owners were a vocal presence in the process of making their new house a home reflective of their personal style, with one unequivocal request from the design team -- a bold red wall separating the kitchen and dining room.

Read full makeover.


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