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February 21, 2008

The table lamp

Jonathan_adler We all know that lighting is key -- at least I hope we do. It can transform a room, give if life, or leave it in the dark. It can make white walls pop, set the mood, or kill it completely. But what to choose?

With a plethora of choices, the task can be daunting. A tall floor lamp, wall sconces, hanging pendants, ornate chandeliers, minimal recessed, or decorative track. But what about the table lamp? Have we become so shrouded with choices that we've made the simple table lamp obsolete?

I'm thinking of my friends' homes. Try as I might, I cannot find a single table lamp -- except those inconspicuously placed next to the computer. However, I was not free from judgment. When I first decorated my home I bought two table lamps -- simple, chic rectangular wooden bases with an equally simple rectangular ivory shade. Nice, right? They fit my decor and gave off a soft light that warmed my somewhat sparse living room.Logico_table_lamp

A few months ago I moved my furnishings around, and the table lamps were out! I replaced them with a floor lamp sporting three separate bulbs. I didn't really see the difference in lighting -- I think the change in furniture overwhelmed it. As the months went on I came to miss the minimal lighting that my table lamps provided.

My husband and I decided to switch things up again -- and the final addition was the return of one of my table lamps. More than moving, adding, and eliminating furniture and decor, the change in lighting made a major impact. I can now sit in my living room without strong lights emitting. I can tone it down when need be, and sequester my lighting to a limited space.

Studio_italia_design_lamp So, what is the point of this little diatribe? Bring back the table lamps! Take them out of storage, go forth and purchase. Don't be afraid to mix lighting in your rooms -- give yourself the ability to change the look and feel of your space with the flick of a switch!

Not sure where to start -- we've removed the guess work. Start shopping now!

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February 19, 2008

Step into Spring

This is tricky time of year -- Spring fever is beginning to brew, we're craving sunshine and flowers and the sweet smell of fresh cut grass. Sadly, for most of us at least, it is still cold and drab outside. But it's never too early to start prepping our homes for the eventual return of Spring.

So, what's in and what's out? Many experts have been weighing in -- here's a few tips and trends to get you Black_and_whitestarted:

Basic Black & White -- Cool, modern, and clean, this classic couple makes way for more dynamic decor. If B&W is too harsh for your taste, try bringing in warm ivories, soft gray, and icy arctic colors.

Pillow Primary Colors -- I'm not a fan of pastels, and apparently, neither are designers this year. Jump into Spring with vibrant, tropical hues -- cobalt blue, ruby red, and citrus colors. Just be sure not to over do it!

Get back to nature -- We have to be more eco-conscious, this is no surprise. So why not start with your home's decor? Look for natural and sustainable materials like bamboo, willow, rattan and plantation hardwoods. Need small splashes of color -- bring in flowers, twigs, fruit, and long blades of grass.

When decorating for the seasons, remember to think small -- pillows, throws, window coverings, vases and framed art.

And most importantly -- what's hot in one region may not be in another. What trends do you see in your area?

Thanks for the tips MSN.


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New Collection from Ligne Roset


Travel Studio designed by Patrick Pagnon and Claude Pélhaître for Ligne Roset. This collection is perfect for loft-style living. Each piece is equipped with casters for easy moving, and rendered in simple colors white, aluminum and black.

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Mod mailbox

Blomus_mailbox_3I love mailboxes! I'm not sure why, but I do. It's like jewelery for your house. And while a good mailbox can be pricey, isn't it worth it?

Check out the Blomus-Signo Letter Box


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February 18, 2008

Fridge Monkey


The Fridge Monkey by Mode Product Design is a flexible rubber mat designed to maximize storage space and stop bottles or cans rolling around in your fridge. Inspired by the brass monkey reputedly used on ships to stack cannonballs neatly and safely, the Fridge Monkey is a clever little design that can be used with almost any bottled or canned drinks.       

Not restricted to one bottle size, it can be used to stack beer bottles, beer cans, spirits, mixers, soft drinks, water bottles and even wine. The low profile of the Fridge Monkey means that once empty it can remain on the shelf and the rest of your fridge goodies can be placed on top.


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Ode to White China


Regular readers know about my love for Eva Zeisel and her simple, organic aesthetic. But have I been clear about just how great she is? This is the woman who brought the world the first all white modernist dinnerware. It's a gift to design that can't be overestimated.  We have yet to find a better way to present food than on a white background. And yet to find a better way of making that white background interesting than by forming it, as she did, in unique shapes.

Designers continue to expand on Zeisel's iconic Century dinnerware, and they continue to create award winning china doing it.  Just last week Rosenthal picked up two Design Plus 2008 awards at Ambiente in Frankfurt with its variations on the theme: Gredienti (left) and Surface.

T_rosenthal_gred T_rosenthal_sur

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Sternform Goes to the Birds


Modular design went natural with Sternform's debut of Piu at the Ambiente fair in Frankfurt last week.  Piu is a birdhouse that transforms to a nesting place and back again with the simple removal of a piece. This design is spare while delivering everything a bird needs. Our only gripe - why can't they have a place to eat and a place to sleep at the same time? Perhaps this is Sterform's way of ensuring we buy at least two.


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February 15, 2008

Beautiful contours

With more cold, dreary days on the horizon, entertaining indoors is still the best remedy to the winter blues.


The Contour Cocktail Table from Johnston Casuals has created the ideal companion for appetizers and cocktails -- or strategically placed artwork and literature.

Buy it now at Contemporary Furniture.


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February 14, 2008

Spring Fever

Muuto is a new Scandinavian design house whose names means "fresh perspective" in Finnish. In the designer's words: "One of the strongest characteristics of glass is its transparency. Another is its seductive beauty. With this as a starting point I set out to create a vase which would be beautiful with or without flowers. The design is enhanced by reflective light and the layer on layer glass construction. And the fact that it actually ended up being four different sized vases in one, is a delightful bonus." $265 at A+R Store

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February 13, 2008

Puppy Love

They love you unconditionally -- shouldn't you take every opportunity to do the same?

This Valentine's Day take the most direct path to your pets heart -- his stomach!


The Holden Designs Pet Feeders are stylish and functional -- with stainless steel bowls (a must) and bent wood in cherry or walnut.

Buy it now at Design Public.


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