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April 09, 2008

Pingg Us to Your Party

Olives_dinner_party Admit it. When you embrace modern or contemporary style you look at everything differently. Little wooden toothpicks with cellophane flags? blech. Ambient lights for the pathway ... hmmm ... nope too colonial. Tea kettle for the stove? Michael Graves wins out over the supermarket special. I love plain white china -- because each piece creates a gallery wall for cuisine displays. And of course if you are looking for invitations for that special gathering, doesn't your eye twitch as you gaze past the frilly cards? How about save the paper and go for an electronic version to ping your friends -- which is what we in the digital know say in reference to the network term to see (if) and how fast routers are responding.

So kudos to Pingg for a cool contemporary name; for its service -- providing clean, contemporary-styled templates you can personalize and not be embarrassed to send to guests; and, for for its very modern delivery methods -- which includes everything from populating your Facebook page, sending text messages, and, yes, to actually printing and putting your invite into an envelope. Canadian brothers Lorien Gabel and Matthew Harrop are hoping that pingg-me becomes a euphemism for let's party!


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