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May 30, 2008

Love It or Leave It?

I'm just going to come out and say it -- I do not like this! I've never been one for bronze or gold, so I understand I'm biased. I don't really go for the distressed looked, antique. Just not my personal preference. And when I think of rust, all I can think of is, well, rust! Rust on old rickety cars. Rusts on old wrought iron railings. Old, dirty, stinkin rust!

But what do you think -- Love It or Leave It? Comment below.

Rust_cabinet_2 Rust_cabinet

Pictured - Rust Cabinet from Dutch furniture designer Dennis Slootweg, who will be exhibiting a number of limited editions from his series of Rust-Cabinets on the Dutch design event 100procentdesign in Rotterdam.

I'd tell you more, but all the info was in Dutch.


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May 29, 2008

Modern Villain's Dining Table

If only I were a Hollywood set designer looking for the perfect table for a villain's dinner party.

I would have found it in Dennis Slootweg's Ieptafel. But even in less exclusive spots, this table's spidery legs with knife-like contours make this one deadly design choice.


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Crochet becomes cool

When I think of crochet I think of a doily. Doesn't exactly scream mod, chic, or stylish.

This is why I'm not a designer -- because I never could have taken crochet and manifested this...

Crochet_chair Crochet_lamp_on

The Crochet chair, which was designed for the Smart Deco project  presented by Droog Design and Barry Friedman Ltd., quickly sold out. The Crochet Lamp is part of the Personal Editions collection. Both from Marcel Wanders. Made from crochet and resin.

I love! What about you?


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May 28, 2008

Modern aid

My husband works in environmental engineering. To be specific, he climbs very, very, very tall smoke stacks and test air emissions. He has a job that can be dangerous, if he's not careful, and one that usually leaves him and his guys with scrapes, cuts, burns, etc.

As a result my husband is very safety-conscious. This is evident in the FIVE first aid kits that are present in our home and two vehicles. That's right, five. Two people, one dog, five first aid kits. I've complained about the bulky kits many times. Of course I'm thankful each time I've burned myself on the stove, cut my finger in the car, or one of our friend's kids gets injured while camping.

Still, I wish the first aid kits were a bit more aesthetically pleasing. Apparently, so did Johnson & Johnson.


They enlisted Harry Allen & Associates to re-design their first aid kit, something as iconic as apple pie and baseball. The new kit stands on end for ease of storage and has a built in handle for smaller profile. My favorite part -- the big ol' red and white cross in the center.


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Vestal Firescreen

I don't have a fireplace, but if I did...


The Vestal Firescreen from Lyle and Umbach. Available in Bronze, White Bronze, Stainless Steel, and Hand Forged Blackened Steel.


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May 26, 2008

Colorful chaise

Created by Hong Kong-based designer Kitman Keung, the limited edition Ribbow chaise lounge is feminine, chic, and stylish.

Named for the sensuous curves of a ribbon, and the gradations of color in a rainbow, the Ribbow’s  metal skeleton is coated with luscious two tone yellow and purple felt, making it unique from every angle.

Ribbow_chaise_00 Ribbow_chaise_01 Ribbow_chaise_02 Ribbow_chaise_03

Made out of recycled wool, the material goes through an extensive treatment and dying procedure before being woven with a "Koza", a specialized tool that gives the velvet exceptional comfort and durability.

Each Ribbow is handmade and assembled over five days.


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Happy Memorial

Memorial_day It's Memorial Day, a time to acknowledge and honor those who lost their lives while serving our country.

It also marks the unofficial start of summer! Picnics and parties are right around the corner, so start shopping now! (Fall clothes and Halloween decor will flood local stores soon enough!)

Shop Patio and Outdoor

Browse the Pure Contemporary Search for all things modern and contemporary!

More Patio & Outdoor from Behind the Curtains


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The Green Outdoors

I'm sitting in my home office. The window is open and a warm breeze is streaming in. The maple tree that resides to my left is in full bloom, gently swaying. The grass is green, the sun is out, and sound of birds, lawn mowers, and children riding their bikes fills my city neighborhood.

I'm not being trite -- just damned excited! It has been a while since those of us in Western New York have been able to open our windows. Three days ago I had the heat cranking. And while tomorrow's forecast calls for 57 and rainy, today's sunny 73 is a preview of what's to come.

Accordingly, I have been bombarded with new patio and outdoor products from around the globe. The world is going green, and designers and manufacturers are doing their part to help.

Wave_single Wave_double

Check out some of Home Infatuation's outdoor seating -- made from sculpted recyclable grade polymeric foam. The outer covers are made from stain, fungal and mildew-resistant weatherproof marine-grade vinyl.


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May 24, 2008

Just Do Hit

The price of gas is climbing each day. Groceries are costing more and more. Airlines are resorting to charging fees for each bag loaded. It's Memorial Day weekend and chances are you are spending it at home because it's just too damn expensive to do anything else.

Admit it -- you're pissed. We all are.

Maybe it's time to take your aggression out. While some say violence won't solve anything, Marijn van der Poll's Do Hit Chair begs to differ.

Created in 2000 for Droog Design, the Do Hit chair is customized by the consumer. Pound, beat, smash and belittle the steel cube into the shape you desire. Sledge hammer included

Not feeling frustrated, no problem. Pre-formed Do Hit's are also available.

Do_hit_original_2 Do_hit_middle_2Do_hit_final


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May 23, 2008

Mademoiselle Rocking Chair


Upon entering my home through the front door it is easy to decipher that I am a minimalist. From my furnishings to decor, my mantra has always been less is more (I really didn't intend to rhyme).

The first sofa in my living room was exquisitely simple -- low to ground, white, clean lines. No over-stuffing. No scroll-detailed arms. Minimal. That sofa has now found it's home in another room, and is in desperate need of a pal.

I contemplated throwing in a plush arm chair, but I knew it would drive me crazy. The logical answer was a streamlined armless chair in a vibrant hue. But I scrapped that idea once I found Ilmari Tapiovaara's Mademoiselle Rocking Chair, designed in 1956.

We've featured a number of rocking chairs at Pure Contemporary, but the Mademoiselle's reversed-tapered  back and large rockers earned it the #1 spot on my list.


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