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May 28, 2008

Modern aid

My husband works in environmental engineering. To be specific, he climbs very, very, very tall smoke stacks and test air emissions. He has a job that can be dangerous, if he's not careful, and one that usually leaves him and his guys with scrapes, cuts, burns, etc.

As a result my husband is very safety-conscious. This is evident in the FIVE first aid kits that are present in our home and two vehicles. That's right, five. Two people, one dog, five first aid kits. I've complained about the bulky kits many times. Of course I'm thankful each time I've burned myself on the stove, cut my finger in the car, or one of our friend's kids gets injured while camping.

Still, I wish the first aid kits were a bit more aesthetically pleasing. Apparently, so did Johnson & Johnson.


They enlisted Harry Allen & Associates to re-design their first aid kit, something as iconic as apple pie and baseball. The new kit stands on end for ease of storage and has a built in handle for smaller profile. My favorite part -- the big ol' red and white cross in the center.


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