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May 23, 2008

New Modern Chandelier


We had to show you guys the new Atlantis chandelier immediately. It has all the swanky, edgy glamor of a mafia girlfriend, a definite nod to 80's excess and a melting, organic shape that softens those metallic glints.  In this shiny, cohesive package such a combination of references and feelings are downright irresistible and inescapably modern.

Need I say? We love it.

Here's a little info on how it came to be:

Terzani, a leading manufacturer of luxury Italian lighting, partnered with Barlas Baylar of Hudson Furniture, to create Atlantis, a stunning new chandelier. Designed by Baylar and manufactured by Terzani, Atlantis incorporates four miles of delicate nickel chain, looped and draped from three organically shaped metal bands to form a series of shimmering metallic tiers.

“My goal with Atlantis was to subvert the traditional connotations associated with metal by using it to create something soft, organic and flowing,” said Baylar, owner of Hudson Furniture Inc.

“We were very excited to work with Barlas on this exceptional new piece,” said Nicolas Terzani, of Terzani USA. “Created by hand using time-honored methods, but designed to express a totally modern sensibility, Atlantis represents the type of innovative lighting fixtures for which Terzani is known.”

Atlantis is currently on view at Hudson Furniture, 433 West 14th Street, Suite 2F, NYC. Showroom hours: Weekdays 9AM to 6PM, Saturday 11AM to 5PM. 212-645-7800. hudsonfurnitureinc

To view Terzani’s entire collection of lighting, visit terzani

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Here's another really cool chandelier I came across when I was searching for a contemporary chandelier:

They have tons of unique looking chandeliers at It was perfect for me, because I want a cool chandelier that wasn't so antique looking!!

Posted by: Janeen | Jul 7, 2008 10:38:38 AM

It's a wonderful luxury lighting appliance, which is associate with the classy and elegance look.

Posted by: install crystal chandelier | Apr 20, 2012 6:28:28 AM

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