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June 27, 2008

Hey Mambo

Let me tell you why I so adore the new Mambo sofa from Massimo Iosa Ghini -- it lays directly on the ground.


While I realize that it may not be a big deal to some, for me it would save countless hours of retrieving dog bones, small tennis balls, flattened raw-hides, etcetera. Dog owners can attest to this -- those cute little buggers will find a way to push and toss everything under any open surface. Those of you with kids, how many times have you found yourself on hands and knees prying cherrios and legos from under the sofa?

The Mambo's looking pretty good right about now, isn't it?

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I love the idea of not having to retrieve items from under the couch...of course it'll have a strong imprint on the rug..wonder about fading color..but if you rearrange your furniture frequently that's not a problem..I wonder how easily can you get all those lost books, magazines and eyeglasses (my daughter) our from between the cushion creases? It does look like an ideal sofa...simple, comfortable I really like its look...

Posted by: fivekitten | Jul 2, 2008 11:24:33 AM

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