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June 27, 2008

Hot Hues for Unconventional Spaces


Fashion's influence on interior design runs deep, with furniture designers checking apparel trends for everything from lines, to textures and style. It's a tight relationship in every sector of home design, but it's most apparent in color choices.

Professional designers are adept at spotting the bright colors popular in fashion and integrating them into a home design. And with a few tip from the Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute, you can do it too.

Look inside your favorite shoes or that newly purchased handbag and take note of the unexpected dash of colors and patterns.    

      “Fashion designers are adding a punch of color in some of the most unlikely places. From pink to purple to citrus       green, color sizzle is showing up in the most unlikely spaces and this color punch can be easily incorporated into home decorating as well,” Debbie Zimmer, paint and color expert with the Rohm and Haas Paint Quality Institute says.    

      “While you may be color shy when painting a family living space, take a cue from the design and decorating community and add an unexpected hue to an unconventional space such as a drab closet, a lackluster hallway or even a kitchen pantry. These and similar spaces are prime areas to create unexpected finishes by adding a bold paint color or design pattern. So, add a little color and be amazed at your own unconventional painted spot.    

      Zimmer’s Five Color Punch and Design Tips:    

  •         Choose a bright, high gloss hue for an enclosed closet area. Not only will the color brighten your morning, but also the glossy finish will reflect light.       
  •         Incorporate large geometric patterns such as circles or stars in a child’s bedroom closet. First, paint the         entire closet space with a top quality paint and use store purchased or handmade stencils to add fun pattern color. It just might help with clothes cleanup!       
  •         For a touch of luxury, paint a foyer or linen closet with a gold or silver metallic finish and surprise guests each time they open the door.       
  •         Rev up your pantry with red! Not only will this vibrant hue add pizzazz to a typically mundane space, it may also spark your appetite.       
  •         Paint sheen stripes in your hallway with a combination of flat and glossy paints in the same bright hue. For a new take on this decorative technique, run thick stripes horizontally for a fresh and updated look.       

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