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June 27, 2008

Owyn Toy Box


My name is Allison, and I'm a cleanaholic.

I'm woman enough to admit it. I like a VERY clean home. I like a VERY organized home. (Forgive my use of caps to emphasize --- but I'm too tired to think of more sophisticated verbiage). As stated before, you will find no chotchkies in my abode. No clutter. Nothing out of place. Even my dog keeps his belongings confined to a certain room.

However, training my dog will undoubtedly be easier than keeping a child's possessions under wraps. As it should be, children need a place to flourish their imagination. Realistically, children also need a place to store toys, puzzles, books, etc.

I'm not a fan of those giant plastic football (or baseball) toy bins. I'd like to have something a little more refined and kid-friendly (have you ever tried to pry those cumbersome plastic lids?).

The Owyn Toy Box from Modern Tots offers plenty of storage space and houses two easy lift-off lids specifically made for little hands. In addition, the box is made from eco-friendly birch plywood, non-toxic paints, and non-toxic, low voc water-based polyurethane.


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