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June 17, 2008

Monacle + Binocular = Monocular


Style seeking voyeurs, pay attention.  Odoardo Fioravanti's ZoomArt Monocular has everything you've been looking for. It's discreet, compact and aesthetically pleasing. Plus, it magnifies the object of your interest up to 6x. Pretty good. And we love the name. From A+R Store; $48.

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Johnson Trading Gallery


I love the current holdings at the Johnson Trading Gallery, and here's a sneak peak...Porg_img_0089_w

From the 1960s, a Sol Bloom Scoop Chair for $1,400 still retains a look of spare, modern, elegance.
And, from just last year, one of a limited edition of only 10 Quasi Cabinets made by Aranda/Lasch, pictured above. An absolute stunner.

Contact the Gallery for price.

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Ding dong the doorbell's dead

When my husband and I first bought our house two years ago, one of the first things we did was remove the doorbell.

My reasoning was completely aesthetic. I hate the sound of doorbells -- really hate them. I know that their are a plethora of chimes and sounds, but I have yet to find one that doesn't annoy me. Plus, I hate the indoor chime boxes.

I prefer a more subtle, classic approach -- the door-knocker. However, I couldn't find one of those that was pleasing to me either. Most were brass, which doesn't fit into my exterior's motif, ornate, or featured the mouth of an animal (which I will never understand).

Then today, while perusing Chiasso, I found this


For $98, the Stone Doorknocker from Chiasso will definitely do.


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Architecture for Humanity

Book_toutRecent natural disasters like the earthquake in China and cyclone in Myanmar have destroyed infrastructures in already struggling areas and left millions of survivors homeless.

Architecture for Humanity, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization that seeks architectural solutions to humanitarian crisis and brings design services to communities in need, is stepping forward to help out. Anyone can donate to the cause and designers and architects can go a step further. Architecture for Humanity uses services from professionals and student interns in developing its living solutions around the world.

Find out how architecture can improves lives, and how you can too at Architecture for Humanity.

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June 16, 2008

Modern umbrella

Today was a typical June day in Western New York -- woke up to 73 degrees, sun was shining, slight breeze. By noon the temp had plummeted to 60, the slight breeze turn to gusts, and the sky looked like something out of twister.

It started with light rain, and turned into this


Thrashing, heavy rain, fierce wind, and hail the size of golf balls.

Which leads me to this


The Senz Umbrella -- apparently made for the toughest weather -- even Buffalo, NY weather.


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June 12, 2008

Wee Generation Eco Friendly Diaper Bag


We told you Wee Generation was looking for input from parents on how to design the world's greatest diaper bag, and you responded in droves. The parent friendly bag is out and it's eco-friendly too; now available through Wee Generation.


100% of proceeds from sales will be donated to Healthy Child Healthy World.

Still Searching for Green ways to Bring up Baby? Check out

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June 09, 2008

Modern recliner

In my mind recliners have always been synonymous with Lazy Boy. You know, big, clunky leather chairs with an unattractive wooden lever. Or, gasp, a flowery print upholster.

Don't get me wrong, recliners can be very comfortable. You come home from a long day, grab a book and a cocktail and lay back. But in the world of modern and contemporary, form and function are never mutually exclusive.

Check out the mod recliner from James Dipersia, an American designer who imbues Italian design in every piece.



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June 05, 2008

Beach bed

This just conjures up a plethora of music video images...

Girl rolling seductively in satin sheets while on the beach. Girl with mascara stained cheeks lying listlessly while on the beach. Boy and girl playfully romping on the mattress while on the beach. And then Chris Isaak's Wicked Games plays over and over in my mind.


Still, it is beautiful. And if I actually liked the beach, or even lived near a beach, I would totally covet it.

See more from Gandia Blasco on Unica Home


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June 04, 2008

Alexander Girard FLOR


La Fonda del Sol

Like all great designers, Alexander Girard never forgot that his work must be ultimately practical - he just made sure to imbue his designs with a whole lot of sophisticated yet fun boldness. FLOR takes up those reigns this summer with  La Fonda del Sol™, an area rug collection that captures the whimsy and vibrancy of Alexander Girard's folk art designs while remaining infinitely flexible and practical FLOR.

The Girard styles can be easily mixed with FLOR solids for a custom look.

La Fonda del Sol styles mix it up nicely with Take a Ribbing™ for complementing blocks of solid color and some added texture spice (see Inspiration).

The complete La Fonda del Sol rug collection includes three different colors to choose from, Mandarina, Verde, and Azul; and our smaller size sun interpretation, Pequeño. You can also combine two or more six tile rugs of the same or different styles for larger flooring installations.

Purchase get more info or Alexander Girard FLOR .

Starting at $159.

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re-LAX Minimalism Comes Full Circle


I like the LAX series by MASH studios for its minimalism and simplicity, but it's not the most innovative line ever. In fact the whole look has a distinctly nostalgic feel to it, which when it comes to easily blending pieces from different periods, can be a great thing.

MASH founder Bernard Brucha explains, "The pieces in the collection are more concerned with the mere fact that they complement or functionalize a space, as opposed to how or why. Anything beyond that is unnecessary, and therefore only serves to clutter what should be space where you can relax and retreat from an already cluttered world."

Well I can't argue with that.

What do you think?

If you're in LA this week, you can see the whole collection and more at Dwell on Design.

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