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July 31, 2008

Tikoli - Modern Kitchen Towels


So cute and modern, Tikoli linens are clearly a perfect hostess or shower gift, but I want these for myself.


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Baby Hammock

Esside_3 For eco-minded parents praying for a good night's rest for themselves and their babies, the Kanoe Hammock can be a lifesaver.  It's organically made, recreates the comfort and soft motion of the womb and has great design sensibility.

It comes with a spring calibrated for kids who weigh between 10 and 30 pounds and another spring for weights 30 -50 lbs. will soon be available. After that, it's time for the the first "big" bed anyway.

For those worried that jr will climb out, you're right, he probably will at some point. Just be glad he wont suffer the fall from a crib.  Once you're little one is strong enough to come and go as he pleases, just adjust the Kanoe so it hangs only a few inches over the floor.

The hammock can be tossed in the machine, and the organically grown cotton will not off gas, unlike a shiny new crib.

My bet? Kanoe's a rising star. $290.

Find out more through Kanoe.

What do you think? Let us know...

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Hans Wegner's Papa Chair


An undisputed icon of Danish design, Hans Wegner's Papa Chair stands out among throngs of re-editions and knockoffs.  Papa is much more rare than say a Le Corbusier chaise or Barcelona chair. And when you find one, it's original. These aren't being turned out in China's factories like so many copies of Castiglioni's Arco lamp.

For collectors of mid-modern, this is a must have. And this one's available, $9,850 through 20th Century Interiors.

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Recycled Cars


In this era where clunkers may be collected and SUVs may go straight off lease to the scrap yards, Furniture designers and manufacturers Nine Stories may be on to something: they make furniture out of car panels. "we are exploring the vast landscape of the american salvage yard to collect textures and colors that only years of sun and rain can create."

More via Treehugger.

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July 29, 2008

Easy to use kitchen planner

If you haven't checked out Subzero's interactive kitchen planner, you will be happy to note that four of the six kitchens are modern and contemporary. Select floor, cabinet, wall, counter and even tile colors from a palette. Okay so it isn't entirely my palette, and I can't really move items around -- still for those who might want to see how maple cabinets pop against a navy, brick or beige background ... --diane

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July 28, 2008

Modern Sink


An inverted play on a common sink shape, The Gadorno sink by Ardino uses the waterfall concept to great effect. It's gorgeous, but take note of a few practical matters too.  Installation - choosing the right faucet will be important.  A faucet that's too short or high or hits the sink too much toward the front or back wouldn't work.  Really strong water pressure could cause a splashing problem, as could most of the kids I know.  Best for a half-bath. 

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July 25, 2008

Chanel in Central Park


Chanelmobileartpavilion_ It was announced today that Central Park will serve as the sole American venue for Mobile Art, a traveling international exhibition housed in a gleaming futuristic pavilion designed by Pritzker Prize-winning, London-based architect Zaha Hadid.

Commissioned by CHANEL, Mobile Art presents changing installations of works by foremost contemporary artists from Europe, the United States, Asia, Russia and Latin America, each of whom has made a unique piece for the project exploring the visual, conceptual and cultural possibilities in the convergence of fashion and art. 


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July 24, 2008

Dining chic

Just picture a large dining room with a muted color on the walls and a sleek dining table in the center. Hanging overhead is a mod chandelier with soft lighting. Decor is sparse, and the dinnerware is simple.

Then you turn around, and...



The Soho Sideboard from Boca Do Lobo doubles as a stunning artistic piece -- with varying drawers, colors and finishes.

I covet it. Tell us what you think below.


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July 23, 2008

Zig Zag Chair

Source For anyone who loves optical illusions, the Zig Zag chair from LYX by Michael Malmborg is a must see. This unique chair has no beginning and no end. The design concept is the same as when you write a complete sentence without lifting the pen. This serpent inspired lounge chair almost forces the spectator to examine it closely. And despite its abstract look, it’s quite comfortable. The strong aluminum alloy frame and a thick layer of supporting foam, it perfectly balances the weight of anyone who dares.


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July 22, 2008

Modern Fruit Bowl - Macedonia Tray

M_72583 Inspired by the formation of soap bubbles and the structures they create, Janne Kyttanenthe's Macedonia tray is created using rapid-prototyping, a cutting-edge 3D computer design technology production technique. Made of Laser-sintered polyamide. Hand-wash only. Included in The Museum of Modern Art's Design and the Elastic Mind exhibition.

Available through the MoMA store. $900 or $810 for members.


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